How do I get a Caretaker Job?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Caretaking is a profession that involves watching over and caring for properties owned by others. In some cases, the caretaker job may be long-term and local, such as managing an estate for an owner who spends only a portion of the year on the property. At other times, caretaker jobs may involve short-term assignments to inhabit and maintain a residence while the owner is away on vacation or a business trip. Finding these jobs is often the most difficult part of building a career in this field.

Property caretakers may oversee the grounds at a cemetery.
Property caretakers may oversee the grounds at a cemetery.

Before you embark on your search for any type of caretaker job, it is a good idea to get yourself bonded. While this is not a requirement for some clients, others would never think of dealing with a caretaker who could not offer this form of protection. Procedures for becoming bonded vary from one jurisdiction to another, but it is usually a simple process that will take very little time and only cost a small amount in the long run.

A good way to secure a caretaker job is to sign up with employment agencies that focus on providing domestic services. Make sure to give the agency a comprehensive caretaker job description that includes all the qualifications you have for the types of caretaker work you are seeking. Let the agency know if you prefer to concentrate on live-in caretaker jobs, or if you would be more interested in jobs that would allow you to manage several clients during the day but return to your own home at night.

Along with working with employment agencies, put the Internet to work for you. Design a simple web page that lists your qualifications and the type of caretaker assignments you prefer. Include your contact data and the address to your web page on local advertising sites, as well as similar sites in any city or other location that you would like to visit. You can also scan help wanted advertisements related to caretaker work on a number of websites, making it possible for you to apply for positions open anywhere you would be willing to travel.

Word of mouth is essential when building up a caretaker job clientele. Ask for recommendations from satisfied clients and include them as references when you apply for new positions. Even short-term work for past customers will serve you well if you are applying for property caretaker jobs that would last for several years,. Those references from short-term assignments will attest to the tasks you performed as part of each caretaking assignment, your general integrity, and the professional way you conduct yourself.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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