How do I get a Bank Officer Job?

Erin J. Hill

The best way to get a bank officer job will depend on the type of job you want to apply for. Tellers and other customer service positions may require little to no education after high school. Loan officers and managers on the other hand, often require some sort of college education in order to be considered. To find the best route for you, consider which job you may want to pursue, and follow the necessary steps to get there.

Maintaining eye contact is important when interviewing for a bank officer position.
Maintaining eye contact is important when interviewing for a bank officer position.

To find a bank officer job that does not require continued education, begin by filling out applications at banks in your area. Having some experience working with numbers or money will definitely help, as will obtaining some form of education after high school, although this is not always a requirement. If you know anyone who works at a bank, ask for a referral. Once you have filled out several applications, wait for a callback. If you do not hear anything within a week, give them a call to check on your application status.

Aspiring bank officers should cultivate excellent communication skills.
Aspiring bank officers should cultivate excellent communication skills.

For jobs that do require a college education, the first step in finding a bank officer job is to get the required certification or degree. Higher level bank employees like loan officers are often required to obtain a four-year degree in business, accounting, or economics. Some banks may only require a two-year degree, so if you have a particular bank in mind, ask about its specific requirements. Keep in mind, though, that you may not get a job at your first choice right away, and a four-year degree will likely help you land a job faster. You may also choose to intern at a bank while in school to better your chances of being hired upon graduation.

Once you have the education level required, begin filling out applications for your first choice banks. Ask to speak with the manager or assistant manager when you walk in, and tell him about your desire to get a bank officer job. Have your resume handy, but don’t try and force an immediate interview. If they are not hiring at that time, leave them a copy of your resume or a completed application, and check back within a few months. Don’t overdo it with phone calls or emails, but if you keep showing up at set intervals throughout the year, the manager will likely think of you when a position comes available.

Should you get a call for an interview, show up on time and dress in professional attire. Choose colors like black, navy, tan, or brown for your clothing and make sure you remove any unnecessary piercings or hair colorings. Have your resume ready and make eye contact as you speak with the manager or hiring officer.

Answer all questions honestly and thoughtfully without embellishments. If you do not know the answer to a particular question or feel that you have answered something in a way that does not showcase your positive qualities accurately, follow it up with a good attribute about yourself and a time when that quality came in handy. Do not lay it on too thick, but try to shine a positive light on yourself as much as possible without bending the truth.

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