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How Do I Find Temporary Employment Jobs?

Lily Ruha
Lily Ruha

Finding temporary employment jobs involves identifying career goals, networking, searching job listings and possibly registering with a temporary employment agency. Locating the right temporary job requires clarifying your employment goals and pinpointing your reasons for seeking temporary employment. Enlisting the help of a temporary agency might expedite the job search. Networking with friends, family members, neighbors and former colleagues often is an effective method of finding temporary jobs. Many employers also advertise temporary positions on popular job search engines or on their own websites.

Before looking for a temporary job, it often is best to identify the reasons for seeking this type of employment. Some people use temporary employment jobs as a way of getting hired by a reputable company. After being hired on a part-time basis, it is possible to impress managers through high-quality performance. Another reason for seeking a temporary position might be to cover expenses while looking for a permanent position. In other cases, people work in temporary positions to gain experience in a field or to test out an industry before obtaining a degree or pursuing a specific career path.

Temporary jobs may be listed in a newspaper's classified section.
Temporary jobs may be listed in a newspaper's classified section.

Registering with a temporary agency often increases access to temporary employment jobs. Many companies prefer for agencies to do the work of advertising open positions and testing and interviewing job applicants. Most temporary agencies have websites that list open temporary positions and/or procedures for registering as a temporary employee. Depending on the open position, job applicants might be required to meet with the agency for an initial interview, take tests and/or provide employment references. Temporary agencies typically bill employers and issue payments directly to temporary employees, keeping a portion of the payment as a fee for their services.

Job search websites also provide access to temporary employment jobs. Some companies advertise on these sites, indicating job requirements, necessary qualifications and job duration. Particularly in competitive markets, submitting a high-quality résumé and cover letter increases the chances of obtaining an interview. If employment with a specific company or university is desired, checking the job section of the organization's website might lead to temporary assignments.

A person's social network or the use of social networking sites also might prove useful for finding temporary employment jobs. The owner of a small business, for example, might prefer to hire someone who comes highly recommended by a trusted employee. Asking relatives, friends and neighbors if they have knowledge of temporary jobs might lead to potential opportunities. In providing a recommendation, these individuals might be risking their own reputations, making it important for the referred applicants to be reliable and productive on the job.

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    • Temporary jobs may be listed in a newspaper's classified section.
      By: Pixsooz
      Temporary jobs may be listed in a newspaper's classified section.