How do I Find Free Sewing Patterns?

Miranda Fine

There are many ways to find free sewing patterns. Sewing is enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to renewed interest in crafts, homemade, and handmade goods, and the do-it-yourself movement. Many types and styles of patterns are available for free, including patterns for clothing, decorative items, toys, and more.

A person sewing.
A person sewing.

The internet is a great resource for free sewing patterns. If you type “free sewing patterns” into a search engine window, your search will result in thousands of hits. The trick is that not all sites and patterns will truly be free. Finding free patterns for the item you wish to make, in a format that can be easily downloaded and used, can take some searching.

Free sewing patterns are often available on the Internet.
Free sewing patterns are often available on the Internet.

For example, it is common for pattern making companies to sponsor “free pattern” sites where users can submit patterns of their own to be downloaded for free on the site. The site will have some free patterns, but mostly feature patterns from the manufacturer which can be downloaded for a fee. Still, there are sites devoted to organizing and accessing sewing patterns that are truly free. If you have some time and some patience, you may find what you are looking for online, free of charge.

Another option for free patterns may be to try your local fabric store. Fabric stores, especially those that offer sewing classes, often give away patterns for free. Usually, one free pattern is featured for a period of time, or the pattern might be offered as a way to attract customers to enroll in a specific sewing class. These offerings will change periodically. Ask a store worker if free pattterns are available at your store.

You can also try the library for free sewing patterns. At minimum, the library will have books on sewing that may include some patterns, with instructions for enlarging on a copy machine. Another source for free patterns is friends or family members who sew. Ask around to find out who sews—you may be surprised! You could also try a local sewing or crafts club as a source for free sewing patterns. You are likely to find other sewing enthusiasts you can trade patterns with.

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If you're looking for free patterns online, try the websites of established pattern makers. They often provide some simple patterns for free as a way to (1) encourage you to buy their patterns, and (2) encourage more social interaction, as stitchers talk about patterns they like and upload their own patterns.

Some sewing magazines also offer back issues online, sometimes in PDF format. These can include free patterns.

I think craft and accessory patterns are often the easiest to find for free.

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