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How do I File a Sinkhole Claim?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

A sinkhole can cause massive damage to a home and property. This geological issue involves underground erosion that creates a depression in the ground. In order to file a sinkhole claim, you will need to consult your insurance policy, document any damage and contact your insurance provider. Many insurance companies cover sinkhole damage and will pay for any necessary repairs when one of these natural openings occurs.

Sinkholes are found around the world, in all types of regions, climates and geographical locations. They also are called a cenote, a doline and a shake hole. When rock underneath the ground begins to erode, commonly from rainwater filtering through the earth, it often can collapse. This collapse is a sinkhole and creates a depression in the ground that is anywhere from the size of a boot to one that is large enough that a vehicle or even a building could fall into it.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

To begin filing a sinkhole claim, you will need to consult your homeowner's insurance policy. This paperwork will detail the various types of disasters that your insurance premiums cover. Be positive that you have sinkhole insurance and that you understand how much damage is covered. It is a good idea to keep these papers out for future reference when filing a claim.

When dealing with a sinkhole claim, it is important to document exactly where the damage has occurred on your property. Find or draw a map of your home, then fill in where the sinkhole has appeared and where the damage has taken place. Be as descriptive as possible when creating this document in order to help insurance agents.

When filing a sinkhole claim, it is an even better idea to take photographic evidence of the damage and the hole. Take many photographs of the damage and the sinkhole, taking shots from several angles and different ranges. Another option is to record a video of the damage.

Finally, phone your insurance provider and tell them that you want to make a sinkhole claim. Normally, an agent will be at your property in anywhere from hours to days. If possible, email the photos to the agent in advance. Normally, there will be some paperwork that you need to fill out, stating the date of the damage, what was affected and other information. When the agent has finished processing the claim, you could receive a check to cover the damages.

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Make sure you research how to get tested properly. Sinkhole insurance and testing are very subjective.

Having the floor elevation and spt borings will help to read what's going on as it hits the limestone.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase