How Do I Do Photo Mixing Online?

Angela Farrer

You can do photo mixing online by first transferring your digital photos from your camera to your hard drive, making any desired edits or corrections, and then arranging your selected images in a web-based photo mixing platform that you have selected based on your specific photo project needs. Many of these programs are entirely online and usually do not require any type of software download or installation. Online photobooks or scrapbooks are popular choices for this type of project, and the end results can be tailored to a wide range of personal style choices. Photo mixing online often allows you to share a unique digital photo collage or scrapbook with friends and family without the time-consuming task of emailing each of them a small number of pictures at a time.

Some sites allow people to create free photo collages.
Some sites allow people to create free photo collages.

Some photo mixing platforms have a set of pre-defined templates for your photo projects, and others allow you to design your own unique templates from scratch. While many of these sites allow you to upload and arrange your photos into books or collages at no charge, some may have fees for saving an offline digital copy of your work or for ordering a printed version. One photo mixing online program may allow you to add elaborate artistic effects, while another is more limited in this area. These variables are just a few to consider when picking the right web-based photo mixing platform.

Before arranging your photos into a digital scrapbook, you can usually make any needed corrections, such as red-eye removal, with some basic tools included in many photo mixing online programs. Some other common edits can also include cropping unwanted areas of a photo or brightening up some dimmer lighting. Another option in some platforms is a tool that can resize and compress your finished photo project for easier viewing among your friends and family who may not have high-speed Internet connections. A web-based photo mixing program with these editing tools can save you the time of using a more comprehensive desktop image editor.

Once you have moved your selected pictures from your hard drive to your photo mixer and made your edits, you can begin picking the colors, background, and text you want to use for your collage, scrapbook, or photobook. Various photo mixing online platforms frequently have tips, suggestions, and community discussion boards as sources of ideas and inspiration. After you have completed your design choices and arranged your uploaded images, you are ready to save your work and begin sharing it with others.

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I found a photo edit for free site, and it was a fantastic site - I could do ridiculous amounts of things to the photos from effects to typing on the picture. It really made my creative side quite giddy.

However, I found one catch - you could only have ten pictures for your account. You could make as many pictures as you want and save them to your computer, but if you had a picture you had done a ton of edits to, you would have to start all over because that picture would likely no longer be in your history.

Because of this, I found it easier to just to pay and upgrade my account and it was worth it!

The reason I love the idea of a photo editing site versus photo edit software is that the site is supposed to add new things to its repertoire while the software will always only have the things it had when you bought it.

But I wanted to share this caution, because I wouldn't think that you would want pictures in all sorts of random websites, “be ready to upgrade at some point” or you will likely end up with pictures on numerous sites.


@MedicineBall - There are several free and family friendly sites online -- just google it. Of course, sometimes you get a simplified version of the tools since it is free, but a lot of them are really good.

"Phixr" is one. It has some good features, but isn't really fancy looking. It has all the automatic features that the GIMP has, like auto white balance and contrasting. It also has fun stuff like blur and neon glow effects.

For a very, very simple online photo editor that is still free -- use PicMagik. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it can do contrasting and red-eye removal.

Hope that helps you find a good one.


Does any know where I can find a free photo editor that's online? I do a lot of online photo mixing, but I don't have any good editing software. A lot of my photos are for my family, but I would still like them to look nice. Some of them are being added to our family photo albums.

I'm out traveling and the only computer I have is a laptop. It doesn't run editing programs very good so I would prefer one that was purely online. I just need the editor to do the very basics – color adjustment, contrasting, red-eye removal and maybe cropping.


@Jacques6 - There are tons of photo editing software programs out there. The GIMP is one. It's free and does red eye removal and contrasting. I use it for it's automatic white balance command -- which can save a lot of really dark pictures.

I like websites like Weebly for my galleries. It lets you design the gallery from the ground up. It has lots of different gallery styles available too, like a slide show and a side bar for picking what photo you're viewing. Free and fun, so it's perfect for me.


@letshearit - Facebook does have a good photo gallery feature, the drag and drop is really nice. I have way too many galleries, so it's nice to just drop them into the right folder. Some website galleries are horrible.

I would like to do more editing for my online photo album, so does anyone know any good free photo software that lets you edit different formats? I usually use jpegs and ".png" files since they are for photo galleries online.

If I could get a photo editor free, I would really appreciate it. Any help would be great.


There are so many kinds of photo mixing software online that you shouldn't have any trouble putting together a quality album. For myself I actually choose to blog around my photos, so a simple membership to a blogging site is all I need to make fun and interactive scrapbooks of my vacations.

What I love about the blogging style of photo mixing is that I can add detailed captions, include links to relevant stories, and that everything I do is free.

While my friend has a pricey photo mixing software she downloaded, I can do everything she does without charge. I always did love a bargain.


Photo mixing online is really easy if you are using a social networking site. Facebook for example allows you to simply upload your photos and then it lets you drag and drop pictures to where ever you want them to go in your album.

What I love about the drag and drop feature is that you can see exactly what you are doing, and photo mixing this way allows you to create a more fluid story.

For those that don't have Facebook there are plenty of other websites where you can upload photos for free and mix them to your heart's content.

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