How Do I Design a Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Woman painting
Woman painting

Looking at a wide range of colorful tiles to find the ones you love can be an inspiring first step in designing a kitchen mosaic backsplash. You can then narrow down your tile choices and begin to sketch out different possible designs. A tip for an easy, yet attractive, kitchen backsplash mosaic is to create a border from one or two colors, then use these again, perhaps in smaller tiles, in the center. Once you've designed the border and center detail, it's just a matter of fitting tiles in a pleasing yet orderly way in between.

Especially if this is your first larger mosaic project, take care not to attempt an overly complicated design. Too many colors or different tile types are likely to look too busy anyway. Lay out the tiles in front of you that you've ended up choosing, based on what you love and what will work best with your kitchen, to arrange into a basic kitchen mosaic backsplash design. If that isn't possible, create a graph using colors and designs close to what you plan on using to help you better visualize the pattern possibilities.

Pay special attention to the colors that will be touching each other to ensure you like the effect. Keep in mind though that a thin line of grout will need to border the edges of each tile. It's a good idea to keep sketching out different patterns until you feel satisfied with your design. Holding your sketches on the wall where your kitchen mosaic backsplash will be will really help you see what the finished design will look like.

If the idea of having a center detail and coordinating border doesn't appeal to you, try to pinpoint what you'd prefer for your kitchen backsplash space. You may be able to gather further inspiration by looking at kitchen interior design magazines and/or visiting tile shops in your area. It's always best when planning a kitchen mosaic backsplash to be sure you have your favorite design that is also practical and reasonable for you to attempt. The final design you pick for your kitchen mosaic should be one you can live with daily. Remember to consider the details in your measurements of the backsplash space such as to allow for an electrical outlet.

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    • Woman painting
      Woman painting