How do I Create a Website?

G. Melanson

During the early days of the Internet, special programming skills and a working knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) were required in order to create a website. A sudden demand for website development skills quickly inspired a model for do-it-yourself website design, which allowed the average layperson to create a website easily, quickly, and at no cost.

Knowledge of HTML code is no longer necessary to create a webpage.
Knowledge of HTML code is no longer necessary to create a webpage.

During the late 1990s-early 2000s, websites such as Angelfire and GeoCities offered free web space for those who wished to create a website completely on the Internet, without using programming software. These websites were often plagued with pop-up ads and large banner ads that enabled the host site to generate revenue, but became an annoyance and aesthetic issue with users. Websites such as Blogger then began offering free web space in blog form, featuring an even simpler content management system (CMS) that allowed users to create a website step–by-step. This type of CMS acts as a template to create a website, and features an easy-to-use interface that prompts the user to write text in various boxes, which feature buttons that automatically stylize text without HTML.

Website designers need to keep font and color selections in mind to ensure high readability.
Website designers need to keep font and color selections in mind to ensure high readability.

Today’s free web hosting and building tools typically make the process to create a website as easy as possible. The main page of sites such as Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal feature a prominently-placed button that encourages visitors to sign up and then prompts them to enter their names and email addresses. In addition to building their own websites, users also have the ability to monitor their website traffic, earn revenue through website advertisements, engage in e-commerce, and more. Users that don’t purchase a domain name separately from their free website host must choose a username which is then attached to the site’s default suffix; i.e. for Blogger, the full URL is:

Professional website designers with knowledge of programming and coding typically use website administration software such as Microsoft Office FrontPage in order to create a website. With the help of such website software, a user is unrestricted by today’s standard blog design and layout, which features a long, scrolling page and links on the sidebar. Despite this greater creative freedom, the trend in modern website design is to feature a layout that is as clean as possible, with a primary focus on navigation and functionality.

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@anon160469-- Find a web host that works for you and purchase a domain name from them. The web host gives you space on their server for your website. They'll also give you an email address.

If you don't want to do that, the other option is to buy software. Dreamweaver is a really good one. That's what I use myself.


@anon160469-- I'm not an expert on this subject, I just had a brief experience with this at work.

Do you already have a server you can use? If you have access to a server, you can have the server manager establish a website for you where you can build it yourself and add your own webpages as you like.

I work for a University Center and we have access to the University Server. We have our own web guy that adds websites for us when we need one. If you also have access to a server at work or at school, you can have your own website.

If you are not associated with anything like that, there are many online sites that sell access to their server with an annual fee.


I think the steps that you will want to take to start a website depends on the kind of site you want and the purpose you are trying to achieve.

If you just want a space where you want to share your thoughts and connect with people who share your interests, a free blog website is probably going to fulfill your needs.

If you are looking for something more professional, like a website for your business, you will need to buy a domain and perhaps even hire a webmaster to build and manage your site if you don't know how.

Wordpress actually has a paid service where you get more freedom to build your site without HTML knowledge, but you still have to make a monthly payment for domain. That might be a good idea before going all out for an official site if you are just starting out and don't want to spend too much.


I am Raja and I want to create my own web page. So how can I upload a website on a sever?

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