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How do I Convert AVI to VCD?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

The most common way to convert AVI to VCD is to use a video file converter program that will allow you to make the conversion. These programs are available from a number of software developers and can be free to download and use or may require a licensing fee. Some of these programs will also provide a number of other features along with file conversion, such as compression, editing, and burning the resulting file onto a disc. The program you choose to convert AVI to VCD will typically depend a great deal on what features you need from the program and how many files you need to convert.

An AVI file is a computer file type that typically includes video and audio data, usually for playback in a media player program. VCD files are similar, except they are specifically designed to also be burned onto a video compact disc (VCD) for playback on digital versatile disc (DVD) players and similar devices. If you wish to convert AVI to VCD, then you will typically need to download a program that will let you make this conversion. There are a number of different video converter programs available, and you should be sure any program you are considering includes AVI to VCD conversion.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The program you choose to use for conversion should meet your needs and fit your budget as well. If you only want to convert a few files and do not wish to make any changes to those files, for example, then a simple freeware converter will likely be sufficient. Such programs can often be downloaded from a number of different websites, though you should be sure to download only from trustworthy and reliable websites to better avoid malicious software. More complex programs that allow you to convert AVI to VCD may need to be purchased or require a license fee to use.

These programs will often allow you to convert large numbers of files more easily, and free programs could place a watermark on the converted file, while more expensive programs typically do not. Some AVI to VCD converter programs will also allow you to make other changes to the file as you perform the conversion. This can include the ability to edit the file by combining multiple AVIs into a single VCD file or to convert a single AVI into several smaller VCDs. Some AVI to VCD converters will also allow you to burn the converted file to a VCD or DVD, and such features can make a single program more useful for multiple projects.

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@ddljohn-- There are online sources that review various computer programs and even provide links to good quality, safe and free programs. It's a good idea to read reviews before installing a conversion program, it's possible to even pick up viruses that way.


@donasmrs-- I have a digital versatile disc DVD player as well but it won't play AVI. I have to convert to VCD first.

The hardest part about converting AVI to VCD is finding a program that is free, permanent and that does not require installing unnecessary other programs on the computer. Some conversion programs are free but only for a trial period, so it uninstalls or requires payment when the trial period is up. Other programs are totally free but require installing other things like a search bar in the internet browser. I get very annoyed when computer programs come with so many requirements and restrictions.


Certain DVD players can play AVI format media. I have a DVD player like this and I've been watching AVI format films with it since many years. I just burn the AVI media onto a VCD and play the VCD in the DVD player. This saves me money because VCDs are more affordable than DVDs, and I also don't have to worry about conversion. So it's a great option for people who are not very computer savvy like me.

The only issue is this only works with AVI formats. If I have media in a format like mp4, it does not work. When purchasing a DVD player, it's a good idea to check the types of formats it plays and make sure that AVI is included.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer