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How do I Clean Pergo®?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter

Pergo® is a type of laminate flooring produced by the Pergo company of Sweeden. To clean Pergo®, all you need is a broom, a mop and a bucket, or spray bottle. There are two types of cleaning that you should concern yourself with when you want to clean Pergo® flooring. Everyday cleaning, which will keep your floor looking company ready at all times, and deep cleaning, which really makes your home look like a showplace.

Everyday cleaning is simple. Just go through the areas that you want to clean with a broom. Some people prefer to use a vacuum, and that is fine. If the vacuum has a beater bar, turn it off to eliminate any risk of scratching the floor, and to get the best suction on the bare floor. If, during your everyday cleaning, you notice a spot that doesn’t sweep up, wipe it up lightly with a damp cloth. There is no reason to mop the floor, spot cleaning is very effective.

Keep a Pergo floor clean by sweeping it frequently.
Keep a Pergo floor clean by sweeping it frequently.

For deep cleaning, use plain water to clean Pergo® flooring. Use a bucket or spray bottle, depending on your preference. Some people prefer to use the more traditional mop, while others spray the floor lightly with water and then mop dry. This makes it easier to keep the floor from becoming too wet. Regardless of whether you use a bucket or a spray bottle, it is unlikely that you will need to use any soap to clean your Pergo® floor. Pergo® is easy to keep clean, which is one of the advantages of this type of flooring. If someone in your family inadvertently creates a mess that you cannot clean up with water, there are several things that you can safely use.

Spray bottles filled with cleaner can be used to clean Pergo®.
Spray bottles filled with cleaner can be used to clean Pergo®.

Pergo® makes a cleaner specifically for their floor. This should be the first thing that to try after plain water. If someone gets chewing gum on the floor, or candle wax drips onto the floor, allow it to harden and then scrape off as much as possible before using the cleaner. Crayon, lipstick, nail polish or ink can all be cleaned with acetone or petroleum spirits. Follow this up with a cleaning with the Pergo ® brand cleaner to remove any cleaning residue. It is easy to clean Pergo® as long as the process is kept simple. Never wax or polish this type of flooring. Also, do not use steel wool to scrub it. If a stain does not come off with cleaner and a nylon scrubber, contact the manufacturer.

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I bought an electric cleaner from the same place I bought my vacuum to keep my laminate flooring clean. I only use this when I want to deep clean the floor.

It works similar to a large commercial cleaning machine, but is light weight and easy to use. It has soft pads that move in a circular motion as you clean the floor. I will also use a special cleaner in a spray bottle that they sell so there is a little bit of moisture.

I can really tell a difference in how much cleaner my laminate flooring is when I go to the trouble to use this machine. I don't use it every week, but when I really want my floor to look clean, I will get out the machine.


@julies - I have had both Pergo and hardwood flooring, and have not found much of a difference in keeping them clean. With hardwood floors you really have to be careful about how much water gets on the floor.

They also have to be buffed and refinished if you want them to stay shiny and look really nice. I haven't found a difference in durability as both of them have held up very well.

When I had laminate flooring, I did have trouble with streaks when I would use water to clean it. I am sure it must have been the cleaner I was using, but I never found anything that would not leave light streaks on the floor.

The floor was clean, but you could see where I had used the mop to clean it. That is my only complaint with keeping a Pergo floor clean.


Is there a difference in cleaning hardwood floors vs laminate floors? I am still trying to decide which type of flooring to go with. I know the laminate flooring is cheaper and some people have said it is even more durable than hardwood depending on what kind you get.

We would install this in our kitchen and entry way which gets a lot of traffic between the kids and a big dog. I know most people that switch to laminate flooring love how easy it is to clean.

Right now we have carpet right inside the front door, and I need something that doesn't show dirt as much and is not so hard to keep clean on a daily basis.


I absolutely love the Pergo flooring I have in my kitchen and dining room area. This is so much easier to keep clean than what I had before. When we bought our flooring, they told us how to clean laminate flooring and said it would be very easy to maintain.

This is one of the things that sold me on it, and I haven't been disappointed. During the week I just use a broom to sweep up the dirt and spot clean with a rag if there is a spill.

When I do a thorough cleaning, I like to use a spray bottle. This gives just the right amount of moisture without completely soaking the floor.

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    • Keep a Pergo floor clean by sweeping it frequently.
      By: Popova Olga
      Keep a Pergo floor clean by sweeping it frequently.
    • Spray bottles filled with cleaner can be used to clean Pergo®.
      By: Africa Studio
      Spray bottles filled with cleaner can be used to clean Pergo®.
    • Pergo is a type of laminate flooring from Sweden.
      By: Konstantin Sutyagin
      Pergo is a type of laminate flooring from Sweden.