How do I Choose the Best Zumba&Reg; DVDs?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best Zumba® DVDs is usually relatively easy, given that all authorized Zumba® merchandise comes from a single company. There may be DVDs that are similar to Zumba® DVDs, but only DVDs that come from Zumba® Fitness are truly part of the Zumba® program. As such, looking through the selection of Zumba® DVDs available and choosing the most fitting workout is the only way to choose these DVDs.

The cardiovascular benefits of a Zumba® workout may help some people gradually lose weight.
The cardiovascular benefits of a Zumba® workout may help some people gradually lose weight.

There are usually several different Zumba® DVDs available at any given time. They may be sold in a package, which is designed for users to work through the workouts in steps, or they may be sold individually. Sometimes, it is possible to buy special Zumba® DVDs that relate to certain unique events, but usually these DVDs are instructional workout videos.

Usually, the DVDs relate to a type of Zumba® fitness that is offered as a class. These may include Zumba® for older people, for people interested in toning specific muscles, or even for kids. In a package of DVDs, it is likely that at least one of the DVDs will cover basic moves at a slow pace fit for an absolute beginner or a very uncoordinated person. When purchasing used DVDs, you may be able to find older DVDs that are no longer offered in any stores, which can be interesting and fun as well.

One consideration you might take into account is the language used in the DVDs. While it is certainly possible to learn from DVDs without understanding any of the words, it is sometimes helpful to hear explanations of the moves or encouragement from the instructor. It is also important to make sure that the DVD is of an appropriate region so that it will play on your DVD player. Depending on what area the DVD was made for, it may or may not be compatible.

In many cases, it may be more economical to buy Zumba® DVDs in a package that includes another type of merchandise, such as weights or shoes. These packages change depending on what the company is currently offering, but they are typically a good deal for beginners. For more advanced athletes who are already familiar with all the Zumba® dance moves, purchasing CDs of Zumba® music may be a better option because this will allow you to design a unique workout. Similarly, a person who prefers to interact with the program more than a DVD will allow might find that Zumba® games for different gaming platforms are a better match.

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