How Do I Choose the Best Women's Niqab?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
A woman wearing a niqab.
A woman wearing a niqab.

When choosing a women's niqab, you should take the time to try on different types of face veils to see what is most comfortable and safest for you to wear. Other considerations include the type of fabric from which the garment is made and the attitude of the community in which you live, allowing you to judge whether a certain style of women's niqab meets local standards for modesty. Women's niquab prices can vary, so it may be wise to shop around so that you can find the best prices.

A woman in a khimar.
A woman in a khimar.

A women's niqab is a veil that covers all or part of a woman's face and is typically worn in conformity with Islamic modesty codes, also known as sartorial hijab. In some Muslim communities, the covering of a woman's face is a controversial subject, with some Muslim scholars claiming that it is unnecessary while others argue that it is either required by Muslim law or, at the very least, is indicative of a high level of piety.

A niqab should lay comfortable over the wearer's head and allow her full mobility.
A niqab should lay comfortable over the wearer's head and allow her full mobility.

If you plan to purchase a women's niqab for yourself, it is generally a good idea to spend some time trying on different styles. This is because there are several different types of face veils on the market, each offering different levels of coverage. If you are unconcerned about people seeing your eyes and forehead, you may wish to choose a half-niqab, which covers the lower half of your face. A full niquab, on the other hand, typically includes a long slit in front that you can position over your eyes. Some types of niqabs may also include additional veils or screens that you can pull over this slit so that your eyes are not visible to others. If you expect to be in situations where you will need good vision, you may wish to choose a half face veil or a veil that allows you to easily lift the screen that covers your eyes.

Face veils are typically worn with other types of head coverings, such as a headscarf or khimar, which is a long hood that covers the head, shoulders, and chest of its wearer. You may wish to try niqabs on while wearing the type of head covering that you normally wear. By doing this, you can ensure that the niqab that you buy works well with your other garments and that you won't have difficulty keeping the niqab in place or lifting it when necessary.

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@ddljohn-- I love the half-face Saudi niqabs. They're very comfortable, easy to remove and place back. They make eating and drinking in public places easy also.

I also love white niqabs. I think they're very beautiful. I don't like niqabs that have a rectangle opening for the eyes. It looks weird. I like the ones with the oval opening.


@ddljohn-- I'm not wearing a niqab right now but my mom does regularly. She has a couple that she switches between.

One is a half niqab but it has a veil piece that goes over it. So she can cover her eyes when she wants and lift the veil to see better when she needs to. She likes that one a lot. This one also has very little space for the eyes. The head covering and the mouth piece are not separate. It is all one piece of cloth and it goes over to fit her head and face. This one doesn't shift or fall at all. I think you probably need something like this.

She has another one that doesn't have the veil and has more room for the eyes. It has strings in the center and sides to keep the mouth part in place. My mom usually wears this when we go to our relatives' place.


Hi sisters. I need recommendations for the most comfortable niqab. I've been wearing a half-niqab but I'm not happy with it. It moves around too much and I find myself fixing the mouth part all the time because it feels like it's slowly falling down. I need something that works better and is more comfortable.

What type should I look for? What are you wearing currently? Please share your suggestions!

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    • A woman wearing a niqab.
      A woman wearing a niqab.
    • A woman in a khimar.
      By: Darrin Henry
      A woman in a khimar.
    • A niqab should lay comfortable over the wearer's head and allow her full mobility.
      By: Jeanette Dietl
      A niqab should lay comfortable over the wearer's head and allow her full mobility.