How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Programmable Thermostat?

Emily Espinoza

In order to choose the best wireless programmable thermostat, you should consider the areas in which you want to control the temperature, what kind of programming you want to do, and what special features you would like to have. Wireless thermostats can be used for control of your system's settings or to monitor the temperature in different areas of your home. The programming options on these thermostats also allow you to achieve different effects, and you will need to consider what programming options you want to have. Your wireless programmable thermostat may also be available with various additional features.

A wireless programmable thermostat.
A wireless programmable thermostat.

A wireless programmable thermostat can be used for access to the system's controls in a room other than where the wiring exists, or it can offer a way to access the system from several different points in a home. If you are interested in having thermostats in multiple locations, look into how many units a thermostat can run and how the system will decide which signal to respond to first. If you just want an accurate reading for one specific area, such as a baby's room or living area, then a simpler setup with just one thermostat unit will work. Also, some systems may provide the option of adding an outdoor sensor that can tell you the outside temperature and humidity on the regular display.

The programming features of a wireless programmable thermostat are important in deciding which one will work best for you. Many of these thermostats are capable of retaining programs for four time periods a day and seven days a week. Find out how many program options the thermostat you are considering has, as some may have fewer options than others. Some thermostats come with a return air sensor that automatically keeps the temperature within a safe range if the thermostat loses power or high and low temperature alarms that alert you if the temperature goes outside a preset range.

Beyond the primary features, a wireless programmable thermostat may come with additional features that may be convenient depending on how you want to use your thermostat. The wireless feature already gives you more options in terms of where you can use your thermostat, and some thermostats come with a remote control, as well. This allows you to adjust the settings on the thermostat from a number of locations. For even more remote access to your system, you can find a wireless programmable thermostat that allows you to call a number and make adjustments to your thermostat by phone. If you want to limit access to the controls on the thermostat, look for one that allows you to set a security code that must be entered before any settings can be changed.

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