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How do I Choose the Best Wireless Audio and Video Transmitter?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

The best wireless audio and video transmitter operates on a high gigahertz frequency, operates on multiple channels, and transmits remote control signals as well as audio visual signals. These devices make it possible for one electronic device to transmit to multiple receiving stations around a home or office. They are compatible with most computers, satellite receivers, disc players, and televisions.

This type of transmitter allows users to send a signal between any two audio or video devices without the use of intervening wires. A DVD or Blu-ray player can send a wireless signal to a remote television using this technology, for instance. Similarly, a stereo system in one room can receive a signal from a computer in the next room. Television satellite subscribers with only one receiver can send the transmission to any television in the house.

A video transmitter may be used to carry signals from a security camera.
A video transmitter may be used to carry signals from a security camera.

Other electronic devices that operate on a mega- or gigahertz frequency can interfere with competing wireless signals, such as the ones sent out by the wireless audio and video transmitter. Microwave ovens, wireless Internet routers, and cordless telephones are some of the most commonly used pieces of technology that interrupt these transmissions. To avoid losing a signal when a family member turns on the microwave or makes a phone call, consumers should look for a device that operates on a 5.8 gigahertz frequency or higher.

Transmitters that provide multiple channels will also help consumers eliminate the possibility of interference. Units should offer four or more channels from which to select. This also allows users to hook multiple devices into one wireless transmitter. An individual can then select between different devices, such as a satellite signal or a Blu-ray player, by simply switching between channels on the transmission box.

A high-quality transmitter will send not only video and audio signals to a secondary location, but the signals from the device's remote control as well. Not all transmitters send these more specific signals, forcing users to travel between rooms to change television channels or watch prerecorded television programs. Remote control extenders are available on select models that remove this inconvenience.

These higher-quality units provide users with two smaller signal transmitters in addition to the larger audio/visual units. One small unit must be placed in front of the recording or playback device while the other is placed below the secondary television receiving the signal. Users merely point at the small transmitter below the television and the signal is relayed back to the playback device in the next room.

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Where can I find deals on wireless audio transmitters?


I want to get some wireless speakers for my iPod. Basically, I want to be able to play a song on my iPod and have it play out of speakers no matter where I am in my house? Is this possible to do? How expensive would a system like this be and could I set it up myself?


When it comes to wireless devices I find that you usually get what you pay for. The cheap stuff works, but not as well and not for long.

But on the flip side, you do not need to buy the most expensive models either. For most people these premium products will be more powerful than they need to be.

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    • A video transmitter may be used to carry signals from a security camera.
      By: trekandphoto
      A video transmitter may be used to carry signals from a security camera.