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How Do I Choose the Best Wig for Men?

Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

Choosing the best wig for men depends upon the desired length of the wig, the desired color and budget. Natural wigs made from human hair are generally more expensive than wigs made from synthetic hair, but typically look more realistic. Sometimes, men find that it is better to go without a wig than to wear one that looks unnatural. A full wig for men differs from a toupee. A men's wig typically covers the entire head, where a toupee generally covers the top of the head and is considered a hairpiece.

A synthetic wig for men may be cost effective, however, synthetic hair can look abnormally stiff and give off an unnatural shiny appearance. Conversely, the human hair wig will look soft and more natural looking. In addition, the human hair wig is more likely to match the natural hair color of the man better than a synthetic wig might. Putting on a wig is simple and no special preparation is required to wear one. When a toupee is applied, however, toupee tape needs to be applied to the hairpiece or the head, before it can securely be kept in place.

A wig that is too tight may cause a headache.
A wig that is too tight may cause a headache.

A wig for men also needs to fit properly. One that is too large for the head may fly off in a gust of wind, causing humiliation to the wearer, while a wig that is too tight may be uncomfortable and might even cause a headache. Furthermore, the wig should be constructed with a breathable, lightweight cap to allow for adequate ventilation. A poorly ventilated wig may cause excessive sweating and ultimately weaken the fibers of the inside of the wig. In addition, if the cap is made from synthetic materials, it may itch the wearer or cause an allergic reaction.

Men should be fitted for wigs at a wig shop, where they can also learn how to care for their wigs. Caring for a wig is generally simple, as it just needs to be washed with shampoo and dried naturally. If, however, the man does not feel comfortable caring for his hairpiece, he can take it to a hairstylist who can do it for him. It is important that the wig be washed frequently because neglecting the wig can cause it to pick up odors and dirt. A natural-looking wig for men can be a real confidence booster if chosen right and cared for correctly.

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    • A wig that is too tight may cause a headache.
      By: vadymvdrobot
      A wig that is too tight may cause a headache.