How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Wine?

Solomon Branch
Solomon Branch
Bartender serving a glass of wine.
Bartender serving a glass of wine.

Finding the best wholesale wine will depend a lot on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are a retailer trying to sell wine in your store, your criteria will be slightly different than if you are trying to buy wine for your own cellar. In general, you want to find a wholesale seller who offers a wide variety of wines that are well made. Price, delivery and customer service are also important points to consider when choosing a wholesale wine distributor.

Wholesale sparking wine.
Wholesale sparking wine.

If you are just looking to add a lot of wines to your collection, and you prefer to buy in bulk, you may want to join a wine club rather than find a wholesale seller. Wine clubs often offer wine in bulk or at wholesale prices. They usually charge a fee to join but the discounts you receive usually more than make up for it. You can purchase wine from a wholesale seller, but they often have minimum order that they impose.

Stocking a store with a wholesale wine is easier in some ways than buying for your own personal use, but there are limitations. If you are a smaller store, you may also be affected by minimum purchases. Even if you can afford the minimum purchase, storing the wine may be an issue. If either of these points concerns you, consider a wholesale wine distributor that will store the wine or who will sell smaller quantities of wine.

Consider your market if you are reselling wholesale wine. For example, you may not be able to find wine from specific countries in your area. Variety is also important. If you can, find a wholesale wine distributor that has some niche wines. Many larger stores will carry the basic types of wine at a cheaper price, so having an alternative selection will help.

Regardless of your market, you need to find a reliable wholesale wine seller. They should offer good, attractive packaging for their wines and offer reliable delivery. Some may offer insurance in case the wine breaks in transit. They should also have a clear channel of communication for customer service needs.

A good way to find a reliable wholesale seller is by joining a directory of some kind. There are several online and printed directories available. Find directories that offer reliable reviews of each wholesale wine distributor, or have forums for discussions. Reviews and comments by fellow buyers can offer valuable insight and save you time and money when choosing a distributor.

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We've been happy since we switched suppliers. Our new wine supplier set us up with some great quality house wines at much lesser than we were paying before. But I don't think they sell for personal use, only to bars, pubs, etc. They're called Redsky Wines.


For me it has to be quality of service first and wine quality second. A wine supplier not only should sell you wine, but sell you the right wine. The guys at Jascots are great. They help train our staff and match the wines to our menu as well as supplying us with great quality wine at a great price. I suggest if you are looking for a new wine supplier, you call them first!

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    • Bartender serving a glass of wine.
      Bartender serving a glass of wine.
    • Wholesale sparking wine.
      By: Comugnero Silvana
      Wholesale sparking wine.