How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Vases?

Kristie Lorette

To choose the best wholesale vases, you need to consider the type of vases you need, the quantity, the purpose and the price. Wholesale vases are purchased for a variety of reasons. You may be a florist that needs the vases to run your business. You may be a bride or a party host that needs to put together a bulk amount of centerpieces, or you may be a party planner that needs a large amount of vases for decorative purposes.

Flowers in a wholesale vase.
Flowers in a wholesale vase.

First, you want to determine the purpose you have for the wholesale vases. You may need clear glass vases, ceramic vases, vases that come in a particular color or shape. Once you determine the specific type of vases you need, it is easier to narrow down the wholesalers or locations where you may be able to find these types of vases in bulk.

Consider the type of vase you might need before buying it wholesale.
Consider the type of vase you might need before buying it wholesale.

The quantity of vases that you need also plays a vital role in choosing the best wholesale vases. If you need hundreds of the same vases, then you may have to search out a wholesaler or manufacturer that can provide you with the high volume of vases that you need. If you are looking for a dozen or two dozen vases, you may be able to work out a wholesale price with a retail store or a wholesaler that is willing to deal directly with the consumer or someone without a business license.

The purpose for the wholesale vases is another consideration. If you need wholesale flower vases, then you need to locate vases that fit the type of flower arrangements you need to put in them. It may also come down to the shape of the vases, such as wholesale square vases for rock arrangements or as fish bowl centerpieces, wholesale cylinder vases for tall flower arrangements, wholesale glass vases to see inside of the base or wholesale tower vases for tall flower or other types of arrangements.

Price, especially when it comes to wholesale purchasing, tends to be one of the deciding factors after all of the other considerations are made. The larger the quantity of vases that you want to buy, the cheaper price per vase you want to be able to negotiate. The same holds true for the smaller amount of vases that you want to buy. You are likely to pay a higher price per vase when buying smaller wholesale quantities.

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