How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale T-Shirts?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing wholesale t-shirts, consider your budget and the number of T-shirts that you need to purchase. You should also consider the purpose of buying wholesale t-shirts, including whether you plan to sell the T-shirts or give them away. A final consideration should be the quality of the shirts, particularly if you plan to print logos or artwork on them. It is crucial that you find a reputable wholesaler that you can work with to negotiate the purchase of the T-shirts. Some wholesalers will work only with licensed business owners, while others are more flexible in their requirements.

A wholesale t-shirt.
A wholesale t-shirt.

People typically purchase T-shirts and other items at wholesale when they need a large quantity and are hoping for some type of price break. You can begin your search by contacting T-shirt wholesalers and explaining your need for the product. Even if you are not a registered or licensed business, you may be able to purchase T-shirts at wholesale prices if you are prepared to buy a sufficient quantity. Ask the wholesaler about its minimum purchase requirements. You should also find out if these wholesale minimums allow you to mix sizes or colors in order to receive your quantity discount. If you hope to have the T-shirts printed, ask the wholesaler if it provides printing services, as this may result in greater savings.

A white cotton T-shirt.
A white cotton T-shirt.

If your intention is to print on or decorate the T-shirts in some way, you should ensure that the material used to construct the T-shirts is of a color and quality appropriate to your needs. While very thin T-shirts may be less expensive than those made of sturdier fabrics, thin material may not be suitable for printing or other types of embellishment. If in doubt, you may wish to ask the wholesaler if it can recommend a shirt that is both inexpensive and will hold up to printing, airbrushing, or other processes.

In many cases, it is generally a good idea to select wholesale T-shirts of higher quality if you plan to sell them at a profit or wish to give them away to people whom you want to impress. While many companies and organizations give away T-shirts as a promotional incentive, it is always courteous to reward valued volunteers and contributors with an item that is clearly made from quality materials. If you intend to sell the T-shirts, perhaps after adding a printed message or logo, you may likewise want to choose a better quality shirt so as to encourage potential buyers.

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