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How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Dresses?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

You can choose the best wholesale dresses by working with reputable wholesale companies, looking for product reviews online, and ordering a trial batch of the dresses. It is important to work with a reputable company to avoid receiving a counterfeit product. In addition, finding out what other people thought of the dresses you are considering ordering can give you an idea of the product craftsmanship. Lastly, ordering a small trial batch of the dresses can end up saving time and money in the event that the dresses were not properly described.

While a lot of authentic designer dresses are sold wholesale, many of them are not available to just anyone. The manufacturer might target large companies that purchase thousands or tens of thousands of wholesale dresses at a time. This basically means that some wholesale dresses are not actually sold wholesale from the original manufacturer, but from someone reselling them, or worse, selling copies of the original items. To avoid the hassle of dealing with such problems, make sure to deal with a reputable wholesale company with a physical address and a history of satisfied customers.

A woman wearing a wholesale dress.
A woman wearing a wholesale dress.

Even the most beautiful wholesale dresses can look and feel cheap and poorly crafted in person. The image of the model wearing the dress is nearly always touched up in a photo editing program to show both the model and the modeled clothing in the best light. In fact, sometimes less reputable companies do not even model the exact product, but a similar better-crafted product made specifically to be modeled. Besides ordering a trial batch of the dresses, you can look for reviews of the product online to ensure you receive a quality garment. If you end up ordering the dress and it is not what you imagined, make a point to review the product to let others know in the future.

Wholesale dresses are sold in pieces, with each dress being one piece. Most wholesale companies require customers to purchase a minimum amount of pieces to order from them. This way, the company spends less time dealing with handling and packaging and can pass its savings onto the customers. On the other hand, this rule can make ordering a trial purchase difficult. If you want to ensure your happiness with the product by ordering one or very few wholesale dresses at first, contact the company to explain and give it a chance to work with you.

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I won't order from a supplier I am not familiar with unless I have personally spoken with them. Many times I have also physically been to their place of business.

Unfortunately there are people who will really take advantage of someone who is too trusting and new to the business.

When you are a small shop owner, and order wholesale dresses that are not what you are expecting, this can be devastating.

I have been in business long enough that I seldom use a new supplier any more. I rely on those who have given me excellent service, quality and prices over the years.

Many of my clients would be very disappointed if I tried to sell them some low quality cocktail dresses and pass it off as a good deal. That is one of the easiest ways to lose a long time customer in my book.


@myharley - My sister had a similar situation happen to her when she ordered some wholesale formal dresses for her shop.

One of the biggest things she now looks for is a telephone number she can call and directly speak with someone. Another thing she researches is to make sure they have an actual physical address.

She has learned a lot about which companies she can trust by doing her research. Reading reviews can be helpful, but this isn't the main thing she relies on. Word of mouth recommendations from other people is usually helpful.

If they have a record with something like the Better Business Bureau, that is also helpful. She has been burned a couple of times over the years, so now she makes sure she really does her research before ordering from a new supplier.


A good friend of mine opened up a women's clothing store in our small community. This was something she had always dreamed of doing. She had the funds and the drive, so it was really exciting when she opened her store.

She wanted to have some prom dresses in the store for the teenage girls that lived close by. She had one bad experience when ordering some wholesale prom dresses from a company online.

This was a company she had not dealt with before, and the first red flag was that the prices looked too good to be true. She received the dresses, but many of them were not the same dresses she thought she was ordering.

The quality of most of them was also not what she thought it would be. She learned her lesson, and now only buys wholesale dresses and clothes from companies she knows and trusts.

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    • A woman wearing a wholesale dress.
      By: aetherial
      A woman wearing a wholesale dress.