How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Cake Topper?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best wedding cake topper is a very personal decision, but knowing about all the different options for this type of decoration can make choosing the best one easier. One of the most common types of wedding decorations of this type involves two dolls representing the people getting married. Animal representations of the couple are also popular, as are monograms and messages about the couple. It is possible to order a customized wedding cake topper as well, or to even hire an artist to create a completely unique topper. With all these options, however, it is important to think about how the wedding cake topper will look on the actual cake.

One of the most common types of wedding cake toppers involves two dolls representing the people who are getting married.
One of the most common types of wedding cake toppers involves two dolls representing the people who are getting married.

Perhaps the most common type of wedding cake topper involves two human figurines standing together representing the married couple. Traditionally, these figurines are a simple bride in white and groom in black holding hands or standing together. Modern wedding cake toppers may involve same-sex couples, couples fighting or dancing, and couples dressed in various traditional wedding garments of many different cultures. Some companies manufacture figurines with caricatures of the couple used as faces, making this design more personal.

Animal wedding toppers are also popular and may represent the bride and groom as well. For example, a pair of elephants with one wearing a top hat and the other wearing a bridal veil may be used. Birds are very popular, particularly certain types of birds associated with love. If the couple has a favorite animal, such as a specific breed of dog, this type of topper can be a fun way to personalize the wedding cake.

Monograms are simple and elegant, and they can match nearly any cake. Some wedding cake topper monograms are made from metal or glass, but unique choices like wood and stone can also be attractive. These may be a good choice when purchasing the topper before ordering the cake, as certain figurines will not match various cake designs. If one does not need the wedding cake topper to be personalized, a beautiful flower decoration can make a beautiful top to nearly any cake.

Choosing wedding cake toppers is very personal, and the decoration should match the tastes of the couple. Some people make custom wedding cake toppers representing shared interests. A couple that is involved in geek culture, for example, might use decorations made of toy blocks or representations of electronic devices. If the pair shares a love of architecture, they might use models of two favorite buildings. Like all aspects of the wedding, the best wedding cake topper should represent the union of two people as they themselves would like to express it.

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