How Do I Choose the Best Waterproofing Specialists?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann
Man with a drill
Man with a drill

You can often choose the best waterproofing specialists by asking basic questions during your initial conversation with a representative from the waterproofing company. Whether you are experiencing a commercial or residential waterproofing issue, the best waterproofing specialists will be able to address your problems and complete the job in a reasonable period of time for an acceptable fee. Waterproofing issues typically require either interior or exterior waterproofing action to stop the water flow. The best waterproofing specialists are able to complete both types of waterproofing measures, therefore, the company is able to handle any waterproofing problem that might be discovered during the repair process.

The vast majority of all waterproofing jobs involve preventing water from gaining entrance into a structure. The water may enter through the walls, the floor or come down through the roof. It is the job of waterproofing specialists to determine which way or ways the water is entering your building and develop a plan to combat the problem. You can be assured that you have chosen the best waterproofing specialists if the crew examines all three water entrance possibilities prior to performing any type of waterproofing procedure on your structure. You may want to inquire as to the type of insurance the company holds when doing your initial questioning, as this may help to determine the company's ability and reliability.

Most types of waterproofing involve some alteration of a building's foundation or flooring, so any incorrect procedure by waterproofing specialists could potentially damage the structure. You should make sure that you will be covered financially by a specialist's insurance if such a situation would happen to occur while waterproofing your home, basement or building. Should your water problem require unearthing the foundation walls on the exterior side of the structure, you will be more comfortable in your decision if you have checked the company's ability to repair sod, replant trees and flowerbeds.

Another very good method of finding the best waterproofing specialists for any given area is to inquire with a local insurance agent. The insurance agent may have specific, firsthand knowledge of the success of local companies, and the agent may be able to steer you clear of less reliable companies. When contemplating a commercial waterproofing job, you might want to ask local building owners about any companies that have been chosen to handle similar waterproofing tasks. One method of choosing the best waterproofing specialists in any given area is to examine the quality of a company's equipment and the appearance of its employees. Typically, the company with the best-maintained equipment and most professional-appearing employees is a good place to begin your search.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill