How Do I Choose the Best Waterfall Valance?

Mary Ellen Popolo

Choosing the best waterfall valance is largely a matter of personal taste, but other factors, such as cost, fabric, color, and style, will play a part in the decision-making process. One of the most important elements of selecting any window treatment is finding one that complements or matches the decor of the room where it will be hung. Carefully evaluating all of these criteria is a good way to find a valance that is best suited for the room.

Silk is an elegant choice for a waterfall valance.
Silk is an elegant choice for a waterfall valance.

A waterfall valance can have a rounded bottom resembling the letter "U" or a pointed bottom resembling the letter "V". Some styles have plain edges, while others have embellishments such as fringe, tassels, or beads along the edge. Your personal preference and decorating style should help you choose these design elements. This type of valance is available in a wide array of solid colors as well as many different patterns such as stripes and floral. Color and pattern choices are best determined by evaluating the room's existing color scheme, decor style, and furnishings.

Cost and fabric should be considered when choosing a waterfall valance.
Cost and fabric should be considered when choosing a waterfall valance.

Fabric should also play a role in the selection of a waterfall valance. Generally, this style of valance is more formal than other styles like swag or tailored valances. Choosing an elegant fabric such as silk, taffeta, or suede can dress up the windows or function as a decorative accent in a formal room. On the other hand, choosing a material such as polyester or cotton can give the valance a more casual look, allowing it to fit in with the casual decor of a family room or bedroom. In addition, fabrics that are machine washable are a plus when used in rooms like the kitchen, which are prone to odors, or bathrooms, which easily accumulate moisture.

Often, waterfall valances are hung in pairs or groups, creating a fuller looking window treatment. Deciding on whether to hang single or multiple valances should depend primarily on the size of the window and the overall look you are hoping to achieve. When measuring for valances, keep in mind that a waterfall valance is usually shirred on the curtain rod, reducing the width of the valance by approximately half.

A waterfall valance can be purchased online, in department stores, and home goods stores that sell curtains. The cost varies from store to store depending on the fabric, style, and size of the curtain. When shopping for valances, take the time to visit several different retailers to find the ideal curtains for your window at a price you feel comfortable paying.

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