How do I Choose the Best Water Feature?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A fountain with a lion's face.
A fountain with a lion's face.

Choosing the best water feature for your particular home depends on your budget, style, exterior or interior space and what you want from a water garden or fountain. For example, some people prefer water features that have a comforting waterfall sound, while others are looking for a water-filled landscape that is attractive to the eye. Live additions such as fish and plants need to be carefully thought out in terms of maintenance and suitability for a particular environment. Planning is the most important step in deciding on which type of water feature will work best.

If you're thinking about a water garden or fountain for your yard, plan on the correct location rather than immediately picking out a certain corner. You may want to be able to see the water feature from one or two windows in your home. You may have to add a fence or make some other modifications to comply with any local government safety regulations for open water areas. If your neighbor's property has a run-off, it could end up in your water garden. If you choose a solar type of fountain, you'll need adequate sunlight, while an electrical water feature will need to be located near a source of electricity.

Walls or planters built around a water feature can give it more impact, but design the look carefully to avoid a shadowy or crowded look to your fountain or waterfall landscape. Copper fountains are expensive, yet can add warmth and style to many types of yards. The metal is treated for use as a water fountain. Glass and slate are other attractive, yet more expensive materials used for water features, while ceramic is one of the least expensive. Be sure to consider the maintenance required for each part of the water feature as well as the cost for needed accessories such as a fountain cover.

Indoor water features can add an organic, serene feeling to the interior of a house or apartment. There are different sizes and wall-mounted options to suit any space and budget. Both traditional and modern decor styles of indoor fountains are available. Where to locate the water feature in your home is an important consideration. You may want to keep the water sounds away from the main living area, or if calming water sounds are your main reason for wanting an indoor fountain, the feature should be placed where you can hear it best.

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    • A fountain with a lion's face.
      A fountain with a lion's face.