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How do I Choose the Best Veterinary Tech School?

Stephanie Partridge
Stephanie Partridge

Choosing the right college, university, or technical school can be difficult for any student; however, the student wishing to enter into the field of veterinary medicine may find it even tougher. Finding the right veterinary tech school is not much different from finding any other school. The primary difference, and often greatest challenge, is that there simply are not as many vet tech programs available as there are, say, education or IT programs.

Veterinary technicians care for animals of all types. It is hard job, but a rewarding one. Not to be confused with a veterinary assistant, the vet tech is more like a nurse, actually helping the veterinarian conduct tests on animals, perform diagnostic evaluations, and even assist during medical procedures. Because of this, it is vital that the tech have a vet tech certification or vet tech degree.

A veterinary tech holding a puppy.
A veterinary tech holding a puppy.

A person wishing to enter into the vet tech field should lay their educational foundation early by taking as many high school courses in biology, science, and math as possible. This may prove to be very beneficial in veterinary tech school by equipping the student with the basic skills required to complete the coursework for either a two-year veterinary degree or a four-year degree. In addition to the degree, the tech may have to qualify for and obtain a certification from their local or state government.

When looking for a veterinary tech school, the first thing to look for is accreditation. In the United States, programs in vet technology should be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Additionally, it should offer a combination of clinical as well as laboratory fundamentals that involve the use of live animals. An education that meets this criteria will greatly help students as they navigate the job field after graduation and take the appropriate credentialing exam to become a registered vet tech.

A career counselor at the student’s high school may be able to aid him or her in choosing a veterinary tech school that fits their needs. If that resource is not available, a quick internet search can reveal many schools that offer veterinarian tech programs. Some terms to use may include veterinary tech school, veterinary tech university, and vet tech college. From there, it is just a matter of reviewing the stats on the school, making sure that it is accredited, and enrolling.

Veterinary technology is a challenging, rewarding field that allows those who love animals to reach out and help. It is important to not only find a good veterinary tech school that is properly accredited, but also to find a school that best fits the student’s needs.

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    • A veterinary tech holding a puppy.
      A veterinary tech holding a puppy.