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How Do I Choose the Best UV Gel Nails?

Nicky Sutton
Nicky Sutton

The best in UV gel nails look natural, shiny and glossy. They should not be prone to cracking or chipping, and the glue should be of a reasonable quality and strength to keep the nails in place. The best UV gel nail kits contain all of the components you need for a professional finish with an easy application process. Your natural nails should not suffer damage during application or while the nails are being worn.

UV gel nails should not cause damage to your natural fingernails and should create the appearance of having beautiful fingernails. Often preferred over acrylic nails, the best UV gel nails are highly durable and odorless. Gel nails are available in kits containing a range of tools and components to allow you to apply the nails yourself at home. UV gel nails should allow your natural nails to grow underneath while being protected from the elements. You may be able to eliminate the need for false nails altogether once your natural nails have grown strong enough beneath.

A woman with gel nails.
A woman with gel nails.

Your kit should contain components such as gel nail polishes, nail glue, base gels and finishing gels. It should also contain tools such as buffer blocks, nail clippers and nail files. An essential part of your kit is a UV lamp, which are usually set to 36 W. UV lamps are usually supplied with the kits but are sometimes sold separately.

The best UV gel nails are supplied with instructions on how to safely apply and remove nails without damaging your own fingernails. Kits should state how the components such as the gel and nail polishes protect your own nails from damage. There should also be information on how to prepare your natural nails, attach the gel nails, sculpt them and treat them. Gel nails should be relatively easy to apply, and painless during the preparation process or after the nails are in place.

Gel nails curing under a UV light.
Gel nails curing under a UV light.

UV Gel nails should look realistic on your hands and be of a suitable thickness and shape to look natural. Durability of the UV gel nails and various coatings are important requirements. Gel nails should be flexible enough to not chip or crack as you perform everyday tasks. Breakage should not occur in the first few days with regular use. The best UV gel nails are clear and will not yellow over time, or be so porous that they soak up excess polish or base gel.

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I have and I love gel nails! I have been wearing them for months amd they are what stopped me from biting my cuticles! I got them done at a local salon though, haven't tried to do them myself yet.

Very cool. I had no idea that UV gel nails were an option for artificial nail enhancement which I sorely need. I am now temped to check them out. I have tried fake nails before and found them to cause too much damage to my real nail for sustained use. Perhaps these are better. Has anyone tried the gel nails described here?

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    • A woman with gel nails.
      By: cardiae
      A woman with gel nails.
    • Gel nails curing under a UV light.
      By: Antonio Gravante
      Gel nails curing under a UV light.
    • A UV gel nails kit should include nail files.
      By: terex
      A UV gel nails kit should include nail files.