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How do I Choose the Best USB Wall Charger?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

When choosing the best USB wall charger, it is important to find one with the correct type of USB plug, or one that allows you to use your own cable. Choosing the best USB wall charger for your needs may also depend on the types of devices you have and if you will need to charge more than one at a time. Many modern electronic devices and other gadgets use a standardized type of power port known as universal serial bus (USB). Cellphones and various other devices commonly use micro or mini USB plugs in particular.

Due to the way they operate, one USB wall charger is typically interchangeable with another. There may be exceptions, so it is a good idea to verify the power needs of your device before purchasing a USB wall charger. In most cases, choosing the best USB wall charger will come down to factors like design, convenience, and portability. Some chargers are portable, while others support multiple devices or have other useful features. In addition to wall chargers, certain travel USB chargers may also allow you to plug into a 12 volt power source.

A variety of USB charger cables.
A variety of USB charger cables.

If you will be traveling with your charger, it may be best to find a flat, compact unit with a collapsible plug. Features like these can allow the unit to be stowed away for easier transport. Some USB wall chargers are so compact that they consist only of the wall unit, allowing you to plug a separate USB cable in that matches your particular device. Since this cable can also be repurposed to connect your cellphone or other gadget to a computer, you can further reduce the amount of clutter you will need to pack.

Many cell phones use USB wall chargers.
Many cell phones use USB wall chargers.

Other USB wall chargers allow you to plug in multiple devices at once. These charging stations may also allow USB cables to be plugged in, depending on the design. If you have a number of different devices that you would like to charge at once, a universal USB charging station might be the best choice.

Wireless charging is a method of powering cellphones and other devices that may offer USB options. While some products come equipped with the ability to accept a charge from wireless stations right out of the box, USB adapters are often available for existing devices. This type of wireless USB wall charger may also be useful if you have a number of items to charge at once. If a large tangle of wires is something you want to avoid, then this type of charger may be the best choice.

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Those who travel a lot should definitely get a folding wall charger. It is much easier to carry and use.

And I would like to remind everyone that the ports on all USB wall chargers are not identical. I have two different chargers and one charges my electronics faster than the other. I think it's because the ports are better compatible with the electronics brand I use.


@ddljohn-- I have one. It works well and I use it fairly often. Whether these things turn out to be good quality is unpredictable though. If you have a specific USB wall charger in mind, try to read customer reviews to find out if it's good quality. You might also want to check if the seller has a return policy in case the product turns out bad.

I use my USB wall charger to charge my mp3 player. I used to charge it on my laptop but I realized that this not very efficient. And there are times when my laptop is not with me. With the USB wall charger, I can plug in my mp3 player anywhere there is a plug and charge. If you are a planning on charging multiple devices at the same time, make sure to get a USB wall charger with multiple ports. These are a little larger but it will be more useful. Mine has only one port but that's all I need so it's not a problem for now.


I've noticed that there is a bit of a price range for USB wall chargers. They're mostly all affordable, but some much more than others. I'd like to buy a very affordable one but I don't want something that stops working after a few days either.

Does anyone here have an affordable USB wall charger? Does it work well?

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    • A variety of USB charger cables.
      A variety of USB charger cables.
    • Many cell phones use USB wall chargers.
      By: anderm
      Many cell phones use USB wall chargers.