How do I Choose the Best USB Phone Charger?

Autumn Rivers

If you are looking for a USB phone charger, you might feel overwhelmed with your options, but there are a few ways to decide between them. You should first consider whether portability is a factor, as there are some small chargers that can fit nearly anywhere. If you travel often by car, a USB phone charger that fits into the cigarette lighter of your car may be the best choice for you. Also, consider universal chargers, as some not only let you charge any phone, but also nearly any device, allowing you to save money on chargers.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a USB phone charger.
There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a USB phone charger.

Many people enjoy the ability to take their USB phone charger with them everywhere so that they can charge their cell phone at any time. Fortunately, there are chargers that can be carried nearly anywhere since they are quite small. In fact, some can even be used as a key chain, allowing you to keep a charger with you at all times. Such chargers can also usually be slipped into a pocket or purse, allowing you to constantly have access to a phone with a full battery. Despite the convenience of this kind of USB phone charger, it is typically no more expensive than the larger kind, making it affordable.

USB cables are used to connect devices -- such phone chargers -- to computers.
USB cables are used to connect devices -- such phone chargers -- to computers.

Some people do not need a charger tiny enough to put into a pocket, but still want some portability. If you are worried about a small charger getting lost easily, but still need to charge your phone while on the road, consider getting a USB phone charger that uses power from the car to work. You can typically plug this product into your car's cigarette lighter so that you can charge your phone while you drive. Though it is not usually recommended that you use this as your sole charger, it is typically helpful to have, whether you take frequent long trips or just commute to work daily.

A universal USB phone charger allows nearly any brand of phone to charge. If the charger that comes with your phone is particularly expensive to replace, you might be able to buy a universal charger for less. Some types of universal chargers can power the battery of any phone, while others can charge more than just cell phones. In fact, some allow you to charge your phone, mp3 player, camera, or laptop. In most cases, it is necessary to use an adaptor to charge some of the varying devices on the same product, but it is still typically easier than carrying around a different charger for each electronic device.

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Another thing to consider is what kind of USB connection it is and what your computer is capable of. If you've got a computer capable of USB 3 for example, you might as well try to get a USB 3 connection for your phone, even if you're mostly going to be using it to charge the battery. My mobile phone charger is just the same USB cable I use to connect it to my computer and get my photos off, or put music on.


The only problem with that is that if you buy a generic usb cell phone charger, you might end up with one that doesn't have any kind of guarantee on it, and it is probably not going to be as well made as one from a named company.

So it might stop working after only a few months, or it might even not work from the start and you won't have any way of getting your money back, particularly if the seller was operating from overseas.

So, be very careful to do your research and think about potential issues when doing this kind of buying. You can get some good deals, but you can also get scammed really easily.


I would definitely shop around before buying one of these. I find that often overseas merchants sell cell phone chargers for much cheaper prices than you will find in the stores and if you buy from a website that has a feedback system you can generally ensure that you're buying from someone you can trust.

Phone companies know that you might feel a bit desperate if you lose a charger, so they charge a lot more for a replacement than they really need to. Getting a universal charger before you even need one is also a good idea.

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