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How do I Choose the Best Upholstered Rocking Chair?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

When choosing an upholstered rocking chair, it's usually unwise to go by price alone. If the cost of the chair is reduced because it's on sale, it may be a bargain, but otherwise, regularly low pricing generally means lower quality. Try not to be swayed by how attractive a chair's design is before making sure it's supportive. You should purchase the rocking chair only after first being able to sit in it to test its support and quality.

The ideal padded rocker for you should not only feel comfortable to sit in but offer good support for your spine. Your upper back should fit the upholstered rocking chair's backrest comfortably and there should be no large gap between the chair and your lower spine. Trying out the chair before buying is crucial, as your feet should be able to rest comfortably on the floor or you could place too much stress on your legs. Rock in the chair and focus on how your feet feel as they push on the floor to move it.

An ideal padded rocker should offer good support for a person's spine.
An ideal padded rocker should offer good support for a person's spine.

If you have back problems or are unable to try out a padded rocking chair before buying it, look for an ergonomic type. An ergonomic upholstered rocking chair is designed to support the back and feet by cushioning the whole body proportionately for even weight distribution. For maximum suitability, it's still best to try out different chair models in person even when choosing an ergonomic chair.

A quality upholstered rocker is going to feel sturdy when you stand beside it and place your hand on top of the backrest to try to move the chair. If you hear loud creaking noises, it's likely best to not consider that upholstered rocking chair for purchase. Inspect the bottom of the rocking chair to look for solid construction including a thick wood base. If the wood appears cracked, don't buy this padded rocker model, as it's likely to not be very well made.

If you see a floor display upholstered rocking chair of a discontinued style that you like the quality and comfort of, it may be worth your time to ask the store manager for a discounted price. While some stores won't do this for customers, others will. While a floor display chair may have a bit of dirt on it, it's likely to have not received all that much use since it would only be from shoppers such as yourself trying it out.

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    • An ideal padded rocker should offer good support for a person's spine.
      By: maya2008
      An ideal padded rocker should offer good support for a person's spine.