How do I Choose the Best Universal Phone Charger?

Autumn Rivers

A universal phone charger can charge nearly any phone, which means that you do not have to search for a replacement charger that is meant specifically for your cell phone. Of course, some charge only phones within a certain brand, while others purport to charge any phone, which is an important distinction to look for. One of the main types of chargers is the kind that plugs into the wall, which is usually best for the home or office. A car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, allowing you to charge while you drive. Finally, an emergency universal phone charger can power a battery without being plugged in at all.

A universal phone charger can charge nearly any phone.
A universal phone charger can charge nearly any phone.

If you just need a new cell phone charger for your home to replace the old one, a universal phone charger that plugs into an electrical socket should work well. This kind is usually the easiest to find and the least expensive, as this is all most people need to keep their phone powered up. One of the types available has a long cord so that you can plug it in to a wall while keeping the phone close to you. If you are concerned about tripping over wires, a wireless phone charger may be best for you. This type usually requires that you pull the battery from your phone and put it in the charger, which means that you cannot use your phone during charging unless you buy a spare battery.

Those who drive often can likely make use of a portable universal phone charger.
Those who drive often can likely make use of a portable universal phone charger.

Frequent travelers usually need a portable universal phone charger. This type does not need to plug into a wall, as it can use the energy from a car to power up the phone. If you drive often, you may prefer this type of charger to the typical wall kind, as you can charge your phone during your daily commute. It is usually more expensive than the usual phone charger, so be sure that you will get some use out of it before you choose this type.

An emergency universal phone charger typically does not require electricity or car battery power. It usually uses a regular battery, which can be plugged into a phone, offering at least a few hours of talk time. This is ideal when you are not near an electrical outlet or car, or are in the middle of a blackout with a cell phone that is not charged. This way, you are unlikely to be stuck anywhere without a way to call for help. This type of charger is often perfect to place in emergency kits, whether in your car or home.

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