How do I Choose the Best Under Eye Concealer?

Mandi R. Hall

One of the biggest problem areas on a woman’s face is her under eye region. Under eye concealer hides puffy eyes or dark under eye circles resulting from genetics or health issues such as dehydration and sleeplessness. While many women buy or use concealer, not all of them are using the proper ones for their skin. The best concealer for the under eye area blends well with your skin, in regards to both color and texture.

Under eye concealer.
Under eye concealer.

Concealer itself is a type of makeup used to cover or blur unwanted blemishes such as pimples and dark spots. While all-encompassing facial concealer could be used to cover under eye circles, it is often recommended to use a concealer made strictly for the under eyes region. As the skin under your eyes is far more sensitive and veiny than on the rest of your face, you need to take exceptional care of it. At the very least, use a concealer that doesn’t have additional acidic ingredients used to combat acne or blemishes, as such harsh ingredients can be damaging to the skin beneath your eyes.

Under eye area concealers should blend with skin, both in color and texture.
Under eye area concealers should blend with skin, both in color and texture.

Under eye concealer comes in a variety of shades for all skin colors. When choosing the perfect shade, it is best to consult a color wheel. In general, yellow under eye concealer is most often used, as it counteracts the natural bluish-purple effect caused by dark circles. For people who have more of a green tint to their circles, a slightly pinker concealer may be used. If you have very dark skin, orangey tones should work.

If possible, test the concealer color at the store before you buy it. Use the area of skin on your neck below your ear to test the color, as it closely resembles the skin beneath your eyes. The concealer shade should be a bit lighter — by about one or two shades — than your natural complexion or foundation.

Concealer comes in many forms, including cream sticks, cream smudge, liquid, powder, and liquidized brushes. Cream works for most people, though consumers should be wary of buying cakey cream sticks that dry out too quickly. Your concealer should not begin to flake off of your skin after just a few hours. Creamy concealers are great for most skin types, especially pale, thin, sensitive skin. Women with darker skin and larger pores can usually go with a heavier product. For very oily skin, a mineral powder based concealer could work well.

Most makeup artists recommend applying under eye products in this order: daily eye cream, facial foundation, under eye concealer, powder. The moisturizer helps seal wrinkles and lock in moisture before applying the foundation. Once the concealer is applied, powder should be pressed over the concealer to lock the makeup into place.

Under eye concealer hides puffy eyes or dark under eye circles.
Under eye concealer hides puffy eyes or dark under eye circles.

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I think a liquid concealer is best, myself. It is usually more moisturizing and doesn't tend to seep into any lines. The worst thing you can do is choose an undereye concealer that conceals the dark circles but emphasizes any lines.

Sometimes, if I'm going for a less made-up look, I'll dab on some concealer, set with powder and just do a sweep of blush and then apply a little lip gloss. That's a nice, casual, natural look.


I like a liquid concealer that doesn't have too much yellow in it. A concealer with yellow in it makes my skin look dirty, so that's something to consider.

If your preferred makeup store has a tester counter, make sure you test several shades of concealer to see that it covers undereye circles without making your skin look dull or dirty.

I've used a concealer that was nearly white, knowing it would mix with my base for a lighter color in the same color family as my foundation. That's better for winter. It doesn't look good if you get a lot of sun in the summer.

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