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How Do I Choose the Best Two-Tone Necklaces?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Two-tone necklaces can be a stylish addition to any outfit, and they are available in many different colors and designs. Two-tone gold and silver necklaces are some of the most common; these are designed in various ways, but they are a great option for people who mix the types of jewelry metals they wear. Two-tone necklaces made in beaded designs are common as well. These often feature "rope style" necklace chains of two different colors. Though often slightly more casual, they can really help to pull an outfit together.

Whenever you are trying to choose two-tone jewelry, be sure to choose quality pieces to ensure they last. Sterling silver is a good option, as well as jewelry that is actually made of gold, not just gold plated. Many two-tone necklaces that feature gold and silver feature two different pendants, one gold and one silver, on either a gold or silver chain. This is a common design because it is simple yet classy, and goes with many different types of outfits, from casual everyday wear to dressier evening clothes.

The best two-tone necklaces may be purchased at a flea market.
The best two-tone necklaces may be purchased at a flea market.

Beaded two-tone necklaces are the other most common type. These generally feature two or more woven strands of beads of different colors. The colors will be designed to complement each other, and be more eye-catching than if they were presented alone. These types of two-tone necklaces may be less expensive than the gold and silver necklaces discussed above, and are often found at costume jewelry shops for low prices. Yard sales or flea markets can be another great place to find necklaces of this style.

Leather necklaces represent another option for two-tone necklaces. Similar to the beaded ones discussed above, these often feature two strands of leather woven together, often featuring a pendant as well. Whether you are choosing a beaded or leather necklace, it is important to make sure that the clasp is secure, and that the necklace feels sturdy. Loose beads or frayed leather can indicate that the necklace will not hold up well over time and that it might be a poor investment.

Consider also how you will wear it; if you want a two-tone necklace to wear all the time, be sure to choose one that can get wet. If you simply want one to wear occasionally with a certain outfit, this is less of a concern. There are many different options to be found online, and many handcrafted options that can be designed to your personal specifications, so be sure to shop around.

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    • The best two-tone necklaces may be purchased at a flea market.
      By: JackF
      The best two-tone necklaces may be purchased at a flea market.