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How Do I Choose the Best TV Dresser?

M.C. Huguelet
M.C. Huguelet

A TV dresser serves the dual purpose of offering a surface on which you can place your TV while at once providing storage space. With the wide variety of products available, selecting a TV dresser can be an overwhelming process. In order to choose the best TV dresser for you, first consider which style best suits your tastes and needs. Then, decide which size dresser will best fit your room and accommodate your TV. Finally, consider what kind of finish you prefer.

Establishing a few preferences before you begin shopping for a TV dresser can greatly simplify the selection process. First of all, consider which dresser style will best suit your tastes and needs. For instance, if you will need a designated space in which to place media items such as a cable box and a DVD player, you may wish to consider buying a dresser which features a row of open compartments in addition to drawers. Such units are available in an array of styles, from clean-lined modern pieces to intricate Rococo-inspired models. If you do not need a piece that features open compartments, you also have the option of repurposing a regular dresser for use as a combination media stand and storage unit.

A larger dresser may be necessary to accommodate a flat-screen TV.
A larger dresser may be necessary to accommodate a flat-screen TV.

Next, think about which size TV dresser would best fit your room and accommodate your TV. When establishing a size preference, you should consider both available floor space and the size of your television. For instance, if you have limited floor space but own a large flat-screen television, you may need to sacrifice space in order to select a wide dresser that can safely accommodate your TV. A narrow dresser is often sufficient to accommodate smaller TVs.

When deciding on a TV dresser size, you should also consider how TV viewers will normally be positioned in order to select a unit that offers a good view. For instance, if the TV will normally be viewed from a couch, a low unit may offer the best view. If the TV will be watched from a high bed, on the other hand, a tall dresser may be best.

Finally, before hitting the stores, you should think about what kind of TV dresser finish you prefer. TV dressers are available in a multitude of finishes. Some feature natural wood tones, some are finished with rich varnishes, and some are painted or stained in bright colors. When deciding which finish is best, it can be useful to study the other objects in the room in which the dresser will be placed. A finish that matches your existing furniture can create a neat appearance, while a contrasting finish can add a touch of eclecticism to your décor.

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    • A larger dresser may be necessary to accommodate a flat-screen TV.
      By: karam miri
      A larger dresser may be necessary to accommodate a flat-screen TV.