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How Do I Choose the Best Tufted round Ottoman?

Kay Paddock
Kay Paddock

A tufted round ottoman can serve as a footstool, and it may double as a place for storage as well. Some large models can also be used as a type of coffee table, or even as extra seating. Tufting is the process of pulling thread though the fabric and cushion, which is usually secured with something such as a knot or decorative button. In this way, tufting creates hills and valleys in the surface of the ottoman, giving it a decorative and classic look. You will want to consider several things when choosing the best tufted round ottoman for your room, such as the size you want, the fabric type and color, the color and style of your other furniture, and the price.

The size of your ottoman should be partly determined by the size of the room, and it may be best to choose one that is in scale with your other furniture. If you want it for occasional extra seating or as a coffee table, a larger ottoman will probably be best. If it is primarily for storage and to be used as a footstool, choose one that is more in scale with the seating it will be near. Be sure that it is large enough for the items you want to store, however.

Woman posing
Woman posing

If you have other tufted furniture, you might try to find a tufted round ottoman that has the same type of pattern on its top and sides. Some tufts are done so that the surface of the furniture is separated into shapes, such as diamonds or squares. A similar pattern on all of your furniture can help give the room a coordinated look. Choosing the color of your tufted round ottoman to coordinate with and match the other colors in the room will lend the room a designer feel as well.

Material is a consideration as well. A room with a great deal of leather and vinyl furniture would be an ideal place for an ottoman made from similar materials. A country-style or cottage-style room might be a good fit for an ottoman in a floral fabric. Remember your overall style when choosing the color and fabric to make sure it fits well within your decorator theme. Think about how much use the ottoman will get when choosing the material as well, to make sure it can be easily cleaned.

It also is important to keep your budget in mind when choosing a tufted round ottoman. An inexpensive version might be one solid piece with machine tufting on the top and sides. An expensive, high-quality model may have a hand-tufted leather top or other craftsman touches. Some have legs on the bottom made from wood or other materials to fit in with more high-end furnishings. This type of ottoman might look better in a more formal room that has similarly styled pieces.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing