How do I Choose the Best Tub Faucet? (with picture)

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan
Desk mount faucets are typically used with jetted tubs.
Desk mount faucets are typically used with jetted tubs.

There are many types of tub faucets in a wide range of designs, finishes, styles, and prices. The best tub faucet will fit the needs of your bathroom and fit into your budget. Although you can find many different styles of faucets, the functional design that you chose will be determined by the type of tub in your bathroom.

Tubs come in three basic designs: shower and tub combination, jetted and stand alone. The shower and tub combination usually requires a tub faucet and a shower head. A desk mount, sometimes called a roman mount, faucet is normally used with jetted tubs. Stand alone tubs typically use floor or ceiling mounted fixtures.

Whether you have a shower and tub combination, jetted, or stand alone tub, you can chose a dual handle or single handle faucet. You might also consider a European faucet, which includes a shower head with a hose in addition to the fixed faucet. European faucets are typically more expensive, but the shower hose adds functionality to the fixture. If it is not structurally possible to install a shower head, and there is no other bathroom with a shower in the home, a European faucet might be your best choice.

After you have decided what design type of faucet you need, based on the tub, and whether to have one handle or two, consider the style and finish of the faucet you want to have in your bathroom. Tub faucets can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, old fashioned, or something in between. Keep in mind that the type of faucet will affect the flow of water. Some faucets are designed to create a beautiful, waterfall type flow. If possible, see the faucet in action before you purchase it.

Choose a finish which matches the theme of your overall decor. For instance, a tub faucet with a minimalistic, modern design looks sleek in chrome, and bronze gives a farmhouse style faucet a rustic appearance. If you do not chose identical faucets for the sink and tub, match the finishes to maintain a cohesive bathroom design.

There are a variety of price ranges for faucet, and there are many attractive designs available for reasonable prices, but more customized styles are usually more expensive. Floor and ceiling mount faucets usually cost more, since they require more material. They also require special installation which will increase the overall cost of the item.

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    • Desk mount faucets are typically used with jetted tubs.
      Desk mount faucets are typically used with jetted tubs.