How Do I Choose the Best Trundle Bed Frame?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

To determine the best trundle bed frame, decide on the style of frame you want, the material, as well as a budget. Once you have narrowed down the selection this way, you will find the choices more limited. While the budget decision may be fixed, you should educate yourself on the difference between the various styles of frames, as well as the different materials used for the trundle bed frame before making up your mind.

Trundle bed frames are available in two basic styles, the first kind slides out from under the bed like a drawer, while the other pulls out and pops up, putting it at the same level as the existing bed mattress. The traditional pull out style works well for children's rooms, and is generally less expensive. The pop-up style is a good choice for beds that will be used for adults who may have trouble getting in and out of a bed that is very low to the ground.

These frames are made of either wood or metal. Metal is generally less expensive, while still sturdy. The trundle bed frame is generally not noticeable when not in use, so selecting a metal frame is a good way to save some money.

The price of the trundle depends on several things. While the material used for the trundle bed will have an effect on the price, so will the style. A simple metal trundle bed frame that slides out from underneath will be much less expensive than a furniture quality wooden trundle bed frame that slides out and then up, so that it is at the same level as the existing bed. This does not mean that the wooden bed frame is the best for every situation, but it is something to consider.

For a trundle bed that is not used on a regular basis, and is normally used by a child, the metal frame will be a good choice. Selecting the right comforter and bed skirt will hide the metal frame when it is not in use, allowing the bed to look nice even with a lesser quality frame. A trundle that is used on a regular basis, one that will be used by adults, or for those wanting to make it possible for visiting couples to share a bed, would work best with a trundle bed frame that slides out and up to the level of the existing bed. Selecting one made from wood makes the frame look much nicer while it is in use.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book