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How Do I Choose the Best Trombone Books?

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Players should choose the best trombone books by looking at the subjects covered by each book and determining which book is most suitable for their needs. The best comprehensive trombone books will cover a variety of topics and introduce the player to the basics of music theory. Players should be taught to read music in beginners’ books. Many books come with CDs featuring the exercises found in the books played by a professional. Looking for trombone books designed to help players achieve a certain grade is a good idea for those wanting to advance in the music grading system.

Comprehensive books should feature information on holding the instrument, producing sound, reading music, playing scales, and playing basic tunes. Ear training sections are particularly important for chromatic instruments like the trombone. The language used to describe processes and techniques in beginner's trombone books should be simple and clear. Players should buy comprehensive trombone books if they have very little or no experience playing the trombone.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Books relating to specific music grades need to include information relating to the scales, techniques, and pieces required for the desired grade. Players should research the requirements of the grade and ensure that the book covers all relevant topics. This type of book is suitable for players looking to advance in the music grading system. These books assume the player has some existing knowledge of how to play the trombone, and therefore are usually not suitable for beginners.

Songbooks are another group of trombone books that are generally not suitable for beginners. Intermediate and advanced players can benefit from buying songbooks and playing the various pieces contained within them. They will pick up new techniques and skills as they learn new songs, and have the opportunity to put old skills into practice. This is also a good type of book for players who wish to play recognizable songs for friends and family.

Some trombone books focus specifically on a certain aspect of learning to play the instrument, such as scales. This type of book is suitable for a player who is confident in his or her ability to play the instrument, but is not familiar with many scales. Other trombone books can be found which relate to playing in a particular genre. Beginners can choose a book like this, but it is better for players to have basic skills before focusing on a specific genre.

Most types of trombone book are more useful if they are accompanied by a CD. This enables the player to listen to how a particular piece is supposed to be played and helps him or her overcome issues with timing and the emotion of the piece. Books on achieving specific music grades should always feature CDs, because the pieces have to be played as perfectly as possible during the examination.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar