How do I Choose the Best Triathlon Camp?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Some triathlon camps are tailored to beginner triathletes.
Some triathlon camps are tailored to beginner triathletes.

When training for a triathlon, you may benefit from a triathlon camp that will teach you the skills necessary to be successful at the sport. While you may be limited to triathlon camps offered in your area, some camps might be worth traveling for, especially if it will offer you the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from a professional triathlete or coach. When choosing the best triathlon camp, do some research of each camp you are considering and find out which camps are affordable, which offer the best facilities, and which offer the best coaching.

The best triathlon camp will depend on your needs and goals. For some, choosing a camp that affords you the opportunity to interact with professional triathletes may be a priority. Pro triathletes can share their tactics for success and recognize shortcomings in your own triathlon performance. These professionals can help you develop a training routine as well as a personalized diet that can assist you in performing better at events. Pros have a wealth of experience to share with beginner and intermediate triathletes, so traveling to such events may be worthwhile if the registration is within your price range.

For others, a triathlon camp closer to home may be the most feasible option. Try to choose a camp that holds its training at high-quality facilities Research the people or groups running the camp and find out what their qualifications are. They should have plenty of experience and proven results in coaching or in competing, as well as clearly stated goals for the camp and each participant.

Some triathlon camps are designed for a specific athlete in mind. For example, some camps are tailored to beginner triathletes, while others are specifically designed for the seasoned triathlete. Be sure to choose a camp that suits your ability level; a beginner will have a difficult time at an advanced camp and probably won't get much out of the experience. The same is true for a more advanced triathlete who finds himself at a beginner camp. Some camps are designed specifically for kids, and these use techniques for youth whose bodies are still developing.

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    • Some triathlon camps are tailored to beginner triathletes.
      Some triathlon camps are tailored to beginner triathletes.