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How Do I Choose the Best Travel for Singles?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose the best travel for singles, consult with a travel agent. Options such as guided tours or singles cruises can be booked online or in person. Decide whether you would prefer your travel to be on land, on water, or by air. You can choose singles vacations with activities that interest you the most. Travel for singles should also be planned according to age.

Escorted vacations are popular among singles of all ages, and ideas can be found online by joining an email club. Travel for singles packages are often designed for specific age groups, such as 20-30 year old singles or those over 50. Booking your singles vacation in advance might even get you a discount. Don't forget to inquire about special rates for seniors if this applies to you.

Individuals may choose to book a singles cruise.
Individuals may choose to book a singles cruise.

Solo travel vacations can also be chosen by date. This is a convenient way to plan your singles getaway, as it allows you to check available packages that are scheduled on a chosen date. In many cases, a calendar showing the agency's itinerary will be posted on the company's website.

When visiting travel agencies, ask for brochures featuring single travel vacations. It's easier to envision when you have all the details at your fingertips. Photos can help you decide as well, so gather some travel books that interest you.

Adventurous singles might try out a hot air balloon ride.
Adventurous singles might try out a hot air balloon ride.

You also need to consider the length of your vacation. Weekend getaways will generally be less expensive than longer trips, although you might have more options to choose from with a 10-day or two-week tour. Singles weekend getaways may include holiday festivities, such as Independence Day fireworks at a scenic locale, or a New Year's Eve celebration aboard a cruise ship. A hot air balloon ride may be another choice if you are looking for an adventurous holiday.

Before you plan your travel for singles, inquire about details such as social escorts and travel insurance. There may be additional charges for the service of a guide or escort, although it is often included in the cost of the tour. Also inquire about the limit of baggage you are allowed to take on your tour. Obtaining insurance for your belongings is another thing to consider.

If you decide to use a travel club that matches you with a traveling partner, do so only with a reliable organization. Be wary of online services that may not use a safe screening process. You could place yourself in danger by using such a service, so be sure to do research first.

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Discussion Comments


I'm looking for information on travel for singles over 50. I have seen lots of singles travel packages, but most of them seem to be for younger people and I think I would just feel like the odd man out.

I'm 60 right now and I would prefer to travel and mingle with people my age. Is there a travel agency or a website that offers these kinds of packages? Traveling single is a new experience for me and I'd like to get some help with it.


There are lots of great options for travel for single people. I have taken many trips by myself or with friends and I've had great experiences all over the world.

I think you have to ask yourself a question at the outset. Are you going on vacation to have fun and relax, or are you going looking for a romantic experience? If you are just looking for fun go anywhere, the world is filled with beautiful sights and exotic adventures.

But if you are looking for romance I would suggest going to a big city, maybe on the other side of the country, maybe on the other side of the world. The reason is simple, there are more people here and often more to do entertainment wise. Go to Prague, go to Seoul or Tokyo or Melbourne. Your soul mate might be waiting for you there right now.


@wavy58 – It is bad to feel lonely on vacation. I am super shy, so I motivate myself to socialize by going with travel groups for singles.

True, you never know if someone in your group may end up being annoying, but the potential that you will get along is always there. I think it is worth the risk.

I hate to eat alone, and it is nice to travel in a group, because you have plenty of people around you at the restaurant. I did so much more with these people than I would have done had I gone all alone. I got a lot more out of my vacation this way.


Cruises for singles can either be a blast or a disaster. I went on one last year that started out looking like it would be a lot of fun, but by the second day, I really wanted to get out of there.

Looking at the list of parties and other activities, I thought I would have an awesome time. I met a few other females who seemed nice to hang out with, and we planned to go to some of the parties together.

Once we got there, it was like we were meat thrown to the dogs. Men descended on us with hungry looks in packs, and I just felt vulnerable. They had one thing on their minds, and none of them were looking for relationships.

Since I was out to sea on a ship, I could not escape. I did spend a lot of time in my room alone after that, though.


A local charter bus company in my town offers travel tours for singles. They visit a variety of destinations, and you can choose the package that best interests you.

I chose to go to New England in the fall with them. I rode with people that shared my interest in autumn leaves and crisp air, and we all had a great time.

It's nice to meet new people that you have something in common with. Chances are, if you all book a tour to a certain location, you will at least have the love of that place in common.


If I go on a singles vacation, I always make sure that there are plenty of planned activities involved. I hate traveling alone and winding up spending my time by myself, and a singles vacation can be a great way to avoid that.

Last summer, I went to a travel agency to see what types of vacations for singles they offered. I booked a short cruise and beach vacation, and I ended up meeting lots of new people. It was one of the most fun trips I have ever taken.

Since no one knew anything about me, I didn't have to stick to their expectations. I could be whoever I wanted, and they never knew the difference!

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    • Individuals may choose to book a singles cruise.
      By: James Steidl
      Individuals may choose to book a singles cruise.
    • Adventurous singles might try out a hot air balloon ride.
      By: icholakov
      Adventurous singles might try out a hot air balloon ride.