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How do I Choose the Best Traditional Wall Sconces?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Choosing traditional wall sconces involves knowledge of what kinds of sconces are available and a sense of what you want from the room. It is also important to ensure that the appropriate wiring is set up in the walls. Many people have different ideas about what makes traditional wall sconces beautiful, but common considerations include quality of materials and colors used. What constitutes a traditional wall sconce is also largely a matter of opinion, but classic designs featuring glass, metal, or wood are very common. It is fairly safe to say that traditional wall sconces come in many different designs, and finding a suitable one is largely a matter of browsing everything available.

Traditional wall sconces are usually thought of as sconces that look like antiques of European origin. These designs are from a number of different eras and design traditions, but one feature most traditional wall sconces have in common is their decorative nature. All aspects of these sconces are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. While they are functional, they have a very ornamental feel.

Woman posing
Woman posing

When choosing traditional sconces, it is important to have an idea of what kinds of lighting fixtures are available. For example, there are all kinds of cast iron sconces, as well as those designed to hold electric candles. Some look heavy and are made of dark materials, while others have a light appearance and use glass and crystals. The materials used to make the sconce can have as large of an effect on the fixture's appearance as the form those materials take. As such, it is important to consider different takes on the same design when choosing sconces.

While there are many reproductions and imitations of traditional wall sconces, some of the most exciting fixtures are actual antiques. These items are often very unique and may not be found as reproductions. Antique wall sconces may have slight damage, so it is important to inspect the sconces and make sure that everything works. Also, it is important to consider that if a single fixture breaks, it will be difficult to find a replacement if you have a set.

There are many great resources for finding traditional wall sconces. Certainly, looking at lighting stores and hardware stores can yield excellent finds, but antique stores and architectural salvage stores can be full of beautiful antique sconces as well. It is also possible to hire an artist to create a custom sconce according to traditional designs. Finding the right traditional wall sconces can take time, but the look of a room finished with perfect sconces can be breathtaking.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing