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How do I Choose the Best Toddler Slippers?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Warm fuzzy slippers can be very comforting. Keeping the feet warm tends to make the entire body feel warmer. Keeping something between tiny feet and cold floors is probably the main reason parents buy toddler slippers, although they are a tempting purchase also because of the adorable styles available.

While there are many cute, cuddly options, quality and value are more important for many parents. Families need to get the most for their money. The good news is that you can often find cute toddler slippers that are also well made and reasonably priced. When looking through those adorable animals and cute characters, keep in mind that attached parts such as little sewn-on eyes or buttons can become choking hazards.

When babies use shoes or slippers for walking, fit is more important than style.
When babies use shoes or slippers for walking, fit is more important than style.

Bring your child along if possible when shopping for toddler slippers. Good fit is key, as slippers that are too loose or too snug will wear out faster than those that fit properly. It’s also a good idea to make sure the child can walk okay in the slippers. You may find that overly bulky toddler slippers can cause children to trip or lose their balance.

Buttons or other decorations may be pulled off and swallowed, causing the child to choke.
Buttons or other decorations may be pulled off and swallowed, causing the child to choke.

Rather than choosing those with a big stuffed character attached, it may be better to choose slippers with characters printed on them. Next, look at the soles of the slippers. Make sure they won’t be slippery. Those that have foam covered with thin cloth tend to wear out quickly. Those made of other durable material are the better option.

Feel the fabric from which the toddler slippers are made. Does it feel sturdy or flimsy? Is it washable? Can the slippers be placed in the dryer? Check to see if there are parts that light up or make sounds or must otherwise be removed before laundering.

Check the stitching on several pairs of toddler slippers. If you see loose stitches, it is likely that the stitching will soon unravel. Also, look to see how many lines of stitching there are. Do you see just one line of stitches or are they double or even triple-stitched?

When it comes to the style of toddler slippers, the best option may be the “boot” style, or slipper socks, as long as they come up over the ankles and have skid-free soles. Slip-on or backless styles may be fine for bigger children but are probably not the best choice for little ones who may not be completely steady on their feet just yet.

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@ysmina-- I have bought toddler slippers from stores like Target and LL Bean before. So keep checking! It's true that there are more styles and options available online though.

My kids are not toddlers anymore but my sister has a toddler and I bought the cutest moccassin toddler boy slippers for him. I think you would like them. They're pretty thick, washable and have grips on the bottom. I hear he never takes them off!

A friend of mine is very fond of a German brand, but I can't seem to remember it. So checking online shops that sell toddler clothes from Europe and Canada might be a good idea too.


I need to get my son some slippers too, the weather is getting pretty cold and he hates wearing shoes in the house. He's actually happy with socks but he is getting so active that I often find him barefoot, the socks slip off his feet at some point during the day.

I've checked stores nearby but haven't found anything. I think adult slippers are much easier to find than toddler slippers. Is getting them online the best option then?

Can anyone recommend some good brands/styles that they're happy with? I'm especially looking for something that is tall and covers his ankles and it should be washable too.


@julies-- You know, there are toddler slippers with grips on the bottom, or a rubber sole depending on which one you prefer.

I've used both, I generally use the ones with grips during spring and summer because these tend to be thinner. I don't like my toddler running around barefoot because I'm scared I might drop something on the floor like a nail or sharp object or something and she might step on it. And our floors are freezing, even in the summer so she can catch a cold.

In fall and winter though, she wears her other toddler girls slippers which have rubber soles. She wears them with socks inside and it keeps her feet warm all day.

I think parents need to have both of these for their toddlers. I love them!


I love to crochet and have made many items for babies over the years. Since I am always looking for something new to make, I thought I would crochet some toddler slippers for my grandson.

These were easy to make and looked really cute, but they didn't work very well for an active toddler. I needed to put some kind of sole on the bottom of them, because he could hardly stay standing up in them.

I haven't crocheted any more toddler slippers since then as I think it is better just to buy the cute ones in the store that already have the soles on them.


In the winter I think we have as many pairs of slippers around the house as we do shoes. My kids love wearing warm, cozy slippers.

There are so many different colors, styles and fabrics to choose from, that you just can't go wrong. I like buying the toddler fleece slippers as I think the fleece really helps keep their feet warm.

I can easily find styles that both my kids will like. My boy loves his camouflage slippers and anything that has a super hero on them. My girl is happy with anything pink or with princess characters.

Most of our house has wooden floors, and these are not nearly as warm as carpet in the winter. It is nice to have an inexpensive and fun way to keep their feet cozy and warm.


While I love soft, cozy slippers for myself, I found that they didn't work so well for my toddler.

I even made a knit pair of toddler slippers for her, thinking they would really keep her feet warm. The worst part about these, is that they were too slippery.

No matter what I did, or what character was on the slippers, she would never keep them on. I wanted to find something that would keep her feet warm, and not worry about her slipping and sliding around in.

I have had the best luck with pajamas that have feet in them. Many of these have feet that almost look like a slipper. They are decorated with characters she likes, and I don't have to worry about them staying on her feet.


I bought this really cool pair of slippers for toddlers for a good friend on mine that has a young daughter. I bought them at this store that only sells socks. They also have a large selection of infant and toddler slippers.

The pair that I bought my friend looks just like a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. Those were my friend's favorite shoes back in high school and I think she will get a kick out of seeing them on her little baby.


I remember when I had my first born I was exasperated at how fast he went through toddler slippers. We would buy a few pairs and within a few weeks he would have outgrown them. You couldn't buy them too large or else they would fall off of his feet but if you bought them to small they would barely last.

It was frustrating but this is the case with lots of baby stuff. It feels like you have to buy the same things over and over for, well, frankly, about 18 years. My son still goes through shoes faster than I can believe.

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    • When babies use shoes or slippers for walking, fit is more important than style.
      By: Günter Menzl
      When babies use shoes or slippers for walking, fit is more important than style.
    • Buttons or other decorations may be pulled off and swallowed, causing the child to choke.
      By: Magalice
      Buttons or other decorations may be pulled off and swallowed, causing the child to choke.