How Do I Choose the Best Time Study Software?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth
Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Time study software is a computer program that replaces the traditional stopwatch, pen and paper used in work-time studies. Instead of timing a task and writing down the time, all the information is recorded by the time study software. Just as time study programs are supposed to help a business save time, the software itself should have many features that save time and ensure data accuracy. To choose the best time software, check the usable platforms, the amount of data entry available, the efficiency of collected time information, and the available graphs and tables that display the time data.

The platform of the time study software, or what type of machines it can be used on, are of utmost importance, because convenience and being mobile are integral to a proper time study. For example, if the time study program can only be installed on a desktop computer, it is going to be cumbersome to set up the computer wherever the job is being done, just to move it again for another time study. Picking a program that can be used on a mobile platform will allow testers to move around and conduct the test in much less time.

After the time study software collects the information, it comes time for the data entry. Some programs force the user to click certain buttons or connect the mobile platform to the main computer. Other programs transmit the data instantly, which means the data entry is finished as soon as the time is recorded. The less data entry required, the more time is saved. If data entry is manual, there is also the chance for inaccuracies to be introduced, so automated data entry ensures nothing is incorrect.

Aside from being more convenient than a stopwatch, time study software is also supposed to be more efficient. It should be able to stop quicker for the most accurate information available. Time software that is able to group the time information together and can work better than a stopwatch is desirable software that will help the business tighten its scheduling. When the data is collected and entered, it now has to display the results to show if there were any variables that increased or decreased the overall time it took to complete a task. Time study software with graphs and tables that are able to integrate more time study results, or more intricate graphs and tables, will more quickly help to see the data, figure out problems and decrease time spent on the effort.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up