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How Do I Choose the Best Thigh High Heels?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

If you ever want to go out and stop traffic, then thigh high heels are one sure way to do it. Iconic of fetish queens, dominatrixes, and ladies of the night, the thigh high heel is also found in commercial and couture fashions. Although a bold look in every sense, there are choices of material, fit, and color, as well as decoration and heel type, that can dramatically affect the look you can achieve.

Material is a very important choice as it will define the look you are going for. Thigh high heels are available in a number of different materials, but the most common are leather, patent vinyl, and matte fabrics like suede. Leather can be a good choice because it is durable and will wear in, becoming soft and flexible in time. It can be more expensive; however, the good quality is often worth the investment, especially if you will be wearing the heels often.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Shiny patent or vinyl styles are also available; however, these should only be chosen for fetish looks or clubwear. In the wrong context, they can look cheap and not in a good way. Suede is an excellent choice if you want to wear the style but still look elegant and sophisticated. With the right dress, you could even wear them out to dinner with your gran. The material also influences the way the heels fit.

A snug fit is crucial; otherwise, you can end up looking a like a pirate. The heels should fit snugly all the way up, not gaping at the top. To achieve this, choose boots that have a bit of stretch. Leather, of course, will not stretch, so if you choose leather, go for a style that either laces up or has adjustable buckles. Keep in mind that you may want to sit down while wearing your thigh high heels, so try them on, walk around, sit, and do whatever you think you might want to do while wearing them — within reason of course.

Color is also hugely important to the look you want to portray. Black is often the best choice as it can be worn with any other color and can support a range of looks from the erotic to the classy. Colored thigh high heels, unless you are wearing them as part of a complete fetish-wear outfit, can look somewhat trashy. If that is the look you want, then a range of colors are available, with red and white being the most common.

Thigh high heels come with a range of decoration, from none to fringe to buckles and tassels. If you want a more elegant, versatile heel, choose a style that does not have any decoration. Fringe and tassels are fine in small amounts, but again, you can risk looking like you need an eye patch. Full-length buckles, however, are a good choice for a statement piece of clothing. Stick with one style of decoration because the more objects swinging off your boots, the more they scream, "Look at me."

Finally, the height and width of the heel should be something you are very comfortable walking in. Keep in mind that, in these heels, all eyes will be on you, so you do not want to be staggering around. Thigh high heels are available in platform or nonplatform, and heels vary from stiletto to wedge, with a variety of heights. Wedges provide a more comfortable, casual look; however, stilettos pack a wallop of visual impact. Again, try the heels on and sashay around; see how they make you feel.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip