How do I Choose the Best Telescopic Tree Pruner?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Before choosing any telescopic tree pruner for purchase, you will need to decide whether you want a manual pruner or a gas-powered pruner. Gas-powered telescopic tree pruner models are heavier duty and are meant for bigger jobs, such as cutting larger tree branches. A manual telescopic tree pruner is used for smaller jobs and cutting thinner tree branches. The manual pruner will take more effort than the gas-powered one, but it is also less expensive, better for the environment, and lighter weight. Most people will be satisfied with the manual model, but commercial tree pruners or landscapers may want to consider a gas-powered model.

If you are purchasing a manual telescopic tree pruner, choose one with both a saw on the end as well as a lopper. The lopper is essentially a small opening with a blade mounted inside; a rope extends down to the end of the pruner, and when pulled, the rope activates the blade, which in turn cuts small branches quickly and easily. The large blade is useful for cutting larger branches that the lopper cannot cut; this blade should be thick and sturdy enough to cut through branches, but thin enough to make it useful for getting in between tight branches and brush.

Make sure you choose a telescopic tree pruner that is long enough four your purposes. They come in a wide variety of sizes, and longer pruners will very often be more expensive than shorter ones. If the trees in your yard are not very large, a small or medium sized pruner will be perfect, but larger trees will require a longer pruner. Be sure to examine the telescoping feature carefully for ease of use and stability. Make sure the process of extending the telescopic tree pruner is easy, and once the extensions are in place, be sure they are solidly locked. Sliding or collapsing extensions can lead to injury or damage to the tree.

Choosing a gas-powered telescopic tree pruner is a bit of a different process. You want to be sure all appropriate safety features are available, such as an emergency cut-off switch that will cut power to the pruner should it be necessary. The pruner will have a small chain saw on the end of it to do the cutting; be sure to choose the best bar size for your purposes. The bar is the piece of metal around which the chain will rotate, and it will come in different sizes for different jobs.

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I'm not a professional tree trimmer and I don't usually prune more than my own trees and occasionally one for a neighbor or a family member. But I have an electric telescoping tree pruner and I think it is worth it.

The jobs go so much more quickly and you can get through even substantial size limbs with ease. This allows you to prune the tree much more aggressively which is necessary sometimes. It doesn't really use that much gas and when I bought mine it wasn't that much more expensive than a manual.

I think its been worth it. We have these tools for a reason. Why not give yourself as many breaks as you can?


For me the biggest consideration is quality. I have made the mistake over and over of buying cheap tools and thinking that they we be good enough to get me through the job.

Of course I made this same mistake when buying a tree pruner. I got the cheapest one they had at the hardware store. I can't remember how cheap it was but it was about as low as you could possibly go.

I took it back to my house and started pruning and realized immediately that the blade barely cut, the telescoping motion was awkward, it was short and it felt like it was bending. Even if I had stood under that tree all day I would not have been able to finish the job.

I ended up going back to the hardware store and buying a nicer one. If only I had done that from the start! Some mistakes you have to repeat over and over again before you learn.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass