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How Do I Choose the Best Tattoo Concealer?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

The term tattoo concealer refers to any means of covering up an undesired tattoo. This body modification may not be completely unwanted, but there are certainly circumstances in which you may not want someone to see your tattoo. One example of this would be a job interview, and depending upon the type of job for which you wish to apply, body art may be frowned upon. Choosing the best tattoo concealer involves evaluating the cost, effectiveness, and location of your tattoo in order to pick the best viable option.

There are many different ways to conceal an unwanted tattoo. You can modify the tattoo into something more appeasing or natural looking or perhaps layer clothing over it. There are also alternatives that include utilizing makeup or other aesthetic variations that act to cover up a tattoo. The location of the tattoo is the first factor to evaluate.

A tattoo machine.
A tattoo machine.

If a tattoo is on the face, head, or neck and is easily visible, it may be difficult to cover it using clothes. This limits you to choosing a tattoo concealer that is a type of makeup. This makeup should be similar in shade to the natural pigment of your skin, allowing for the most realistic blend of color. An obviously covered-up tattoo may be more detrimental to the situation than just leaving the tattoo as it is.

Tattoo concealer.
Tattoo concealer.

Tattoos located on other parts of the body are, of course, easier to cover up. One alternative to purchasing makeup or other cosmetic options is to use your wardrobe. If you have a tattoo on your neck, for example, wear a turtleneck. If the tattoo is on your forearm or lower leg, wear long sleeves or pants to hide it from those you don't want to see it.

Tattoos located on the arm are relatively easy to cover up.
Tattoos located on the arm are relatively easy to cover up.

Also, consider your resources when choosing a concealer, as the prices may add up quickly. There is also an option of further tattooing as a form of concealer or expensive tattoo removal. These options are more extreme, expensive, and time-consuming than other quick fixes.

Getting a tattoo is an unusual phenomenon in that it is a lifelong alteration that may be rather impulsive in nature. If you are unsure about whether to get a tattoo, give yourself time to think it over. This can save the hassle of considering a tattoo concealer later in life. Follow these guidelines when choosing your tattoo concealer for the best possible result.

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Discussion Comments


I think the article is right in saying that an obviously covered up tattoo is worse than seeing the actual tattoo. I was in a restaurant awhile ago, and I noticed my waitress' arm looked very strange.

It look almost dirty. I was able to take a closer look at one point in the night, and I realized it looked that way because she had a sleeve that was poorly covered up by concealer. I was relieved that was all it was, but it really put me off my meal at first!


@SZapper - That's funny about the ace bandage. Regular customers of that restaurant must have thought she had a chronic injury or something like that.

I think the whole "no tattoos" policy is a little silly. Tattoos are very common these days. I think as long as the tattoo isn't of something inappropriate, you shouldn't have to worry about covering it up.

The worst is when you get a poorly done tattoo though. I can understand wanting to cover that up. I have a friend who got a tattoo on her back when she was about 16 that was just awful. It was done by an amateur and you could really tell.

She got it covered up by something else, and it looks great. And of course her clothing normally covers the tattoo in her daily life, so she doesn't have to worry about it at work or anything.


@Mae82 - I have several friends that have had to cover their tattoos for various reason. They all swear by this stuff called Derma Blend. I think you can buy it online and in some makeup stores. It's really heavy duty concealer and works well for covering tattoos.

I've also seen another, kind of interesting way to cover tattoos also. I used to work at a chain restaurant in college, and they have a rule against visible tattoos.

One of the servers had a really nice tattoo of Betty Boop on her calf. During the summer time she wasn't about to run around in long pants while everyone else got to wear shorts. So she would wrap an ace bandage around her leg where the tattoo was every day before she went to work!


@manykitties2 - That is too bad about your friend's tattoo. It must be tough having to hide something that is on your face like that.

I have a ankle tattoo that I am trying to cover up for my friend's wedding, as all of the bridesmaid's gowns are quite short and she had to pick heels with straps. While I normally wouldn't care about my tattoo, her family is ultra conservative, so I am just trying to make all of her photos as good as possible.

Does anyone know a good brand of body paint that might work to conceal a tattoo on your ankle? I would need something really durable so I won't have to keep reapplying it.


My friend made the huge mistake of getting a small tattoo under her eye. She thought that having a small teardrop there would look good and despite everyone telling her not to do it she did it anyway.

Now she has to look for a real job and having a tattoo on her face just isn't cutting it. When she was working in a record store, sure no problem... but in an office?

She's planning to get the tattoo removed with a laser after she saves some money, but for now she is using some really heavy duty foundation to cover it up.

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    • A tattoo machine.
      By: Aleksandr Lobanov
      A tattoo machine.
    • Tattoo concealer.
      By: cedrov
      Tattoo concealer.
    • Tattoos located on the arm are relatively easy to cover up.
      By: BlueSkyImages
      Tattoos located on the arm are relatively easy to cover up.