How Do I Choose the Best Task Management Freeware?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo
Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The best way to choose task management freeware is find a website that reviews these kinds of freeware and to check out the details for each individual application. There are task management freeware applications designed for use in an academic environment that will probably work best for students or teachers. Some applications are designed for people who have a large number of small tasks to complete or errands to run throughout the day. Still other task management freeware is designed especially for those working in a professional or executive role. There is good task management freeware to fit just about any lifestyle or schedule. Someone with a simple schedule will only need a simple program while others with more complex schedules may want a program with features applicable to a specific profession or schedule.

One of the first things to determine when deciding on a specific task management freeware is the ultimate use and function of the application. The better task management applications or programs can be customized to fit a number of situations, so the best thing to do may be to download a few and try each one out for a few days to see how it fits into a specific type of schedule. Ease of use is going to be a top priority for most people, so the simpler programs with fewer features may be the best place to begin. As a general rule, task management software with a lot of functions and features will have a higher learning curve and require more time to master.

Some task management programs will have more math related functions along with features that help solve certain types of equations, plot graphs, and create in-depth analysis of certain functions. For people in a time-sensitive profession like law, advertising, or any job that requires keeping to a rigid schedule, a task management systems that focuses on meeting actual deadlines or maintaining a schedule will work best. Some professions revolve around project management and meeting certain critical benchmarks or reference points over weeks, months, or even longer periods and require a task management system that keeps track of progress, monitors workflow, and informs the necessary parties involved. Those who work as part of a team will want to consider task management tools that can handle file sharing and a large number of users as well as control information and coordinate many different shared tasks and schedules.

One last thing to consider is the advantages of a web-based task management system. While there are advantages to handling task and schedule management on a closed network or even a single computer, there are also many advantages to using and accessing online task management tools. First, if a program is just on a single user's computer and that computer is damaged, stolen, or lost, all of the data stored on that computer is gone. If a program or software reside on a server in a remote location then that task management data can be accessed from any computer from any location without fear of data loss or corruption. Online task management freeware also allows multiple users to access the same task management program and to share task or schedule information freely while preserving each user's private data.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer