How do I Choose the Best Tart Cherry Juice?

Janis Adams

Often used as an alternative medicine treatment, tart cherry juice comes in a fresh juiced form or a concentrate, and it can even be found in a capsule form. Choosing the best juice largely depends on what you plant to use it for, and so the form it comes in will be key. Though in different forms, the concentrate and the capsules are still commonly referred to as juice.

Tart cherry juice is often use and an alternative medicine treatment.
Tart cherry juice is often use and an alternative medicine treatment.

Tart cherry juice is available as a traditional juice, although the medicinal value is said to be less than the concentrated form. This juice is offered as a beverage just like other juice drinks. It comes in one of two varieties, either with sugar or other sweeteners or without.

Tart cherry juice comes in both regular and sugar added forms.
Tart cherry juice comes in both regular and sugar added forms.

The concentrated juice can be used for a variety of purposes, and water can be added to make it into a drinkable juice. The concentrate can be used as a healthy topping for ice cream and other desserts. It can also be added to many recipes, such as those for pancakes or pound cake, as a flavoring element. This concentrate can also be added to marinades, as well as to oil and other flavorings to make salad dressing. For these types of uses and those similar to them, choosing a concentrated form of tart cherry juice is the best choice.

Capsules, while not as common a form as the juice or the concentrate, are largely purchased for their high antioxidant power. This form is often used in holistic and alternative medicine treatments. It also offers an added convenience, as it does not have to be stored in a cool or refrigerated environment.

The juice is consumed for variety of purposes. It may help relieve the pain of arthritis and gout, and aid in fighting cancer and heart disease in those who consume it regularly. The juice is offered by a variety of manufacturers, but the greatest difference between them are those that offer an entirely organic juice and those that do not. Whether or not you want an organic product is also an important decision.

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I drink Cheribundi. It is an all natural cherry juice with 50 cherries per bottle! I took the 7-day challenge on their website and couldn't believe the improvements I saw! My sleep improved and my lower back pain was 10 times better!


I agree with the article that tart cherry capsules offer the highest amount of antioxidants. For this reason, I only recommended the cherry capsules to my patients. The only brand that I recommend is the Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula.


Country Ovens in Wisconsin provides a great 100 percent natural Tart Cherry Juice in a 32-ounce glass bottle. It tastes great and helps with my arthritis in my hip and knees. I order online and they ship direct to my house.


The best cherry juice on the market is fresh cold filled bottles. You do not want to get a shelf stable bottle that has immense heat for long periods of time put to it in order to make it shelf stable.

Sediment is natural for fresh products. You can find it at your local health food store in the refrigerator section. Kroger also carries Fruitfast

Cherry Juice. Another great product for diabetics is Cherryflex. This is the whole fruit made into a paste, not a powder, with the sugar removed.


I have been recommending cherry juice to my patients for the past two years. Here are the requirements you should look for in any cherry juice product:

#1: It must be sediment-free. Sediment is an indication the cherry juice is breaking down.

#2: It must be in glass bottles to prevent any sort of plastic molecules from plastic bottles to leach back into the product.

#3: It must be from the last tart cherry crop. Older harvest cherry juice tends to increase in acidity levels.

#4: It must be the tart cherry variety and not mixed with other juices like apple, acai etc. Being tart cherry variety and not mixed it has a lot less sugar content per serving.

I recommend the Fruit Advantage tart cherry juice from Traverse Bay Farms in my practice.

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