How Do I Choose the Best Tabletop Convection Oven?

Patti Kate

To choose the best tabletop convection oven, do comparison shopping at several appliance or department stores for sales and clearance prices. Decide whether you want a multi-tier tabletop convection oven that can cook large meals, or if you prefer an oven with a single rack for preparing quick side dishes or mini-meals. You should also check convection oven energy ratings to determine which models use the least amount of energy for cost efficiency.

Combination microwave-convection ovens are usually small enough to fit on top of a counter, but large enough to cook a full size meal.
Combination microwave-convection ovens are usually small enough to fit on top of a counter, but large enough to cook a full size meal.

A combination convection toaster oven may provide all of the features of a toaster oven, such as baking and toasting, while reducing cooking times considerably. These convection ovens are generally compact and will fit on most kitchen counter tops. The combination toaster and tabletop convection oven is also suitable for reheating leftovers.

Decide whether you prefer buying your convection oven online or at a local retail store. You might have more options if you shop for your tabletop convection oven online. Before you purchase your new oven from an Internet source, however, read consumer reviews. Also, be sure your convection oven comes with a money-back guarantee if it arrives defective or you are not satisfied. A manufacturer warranty is important as well, although you might not receive one if you buy your used oven from an auction site.

Compare the features of various models and select a brand name convection oven that will suit your needs. Buying an off-brand name tabletop oven might not be to your advantage, especially if the company does not offer good customer service. A reputable manufacturer will offer telephone support and repair centers to service their products.

Look for optional features, such as a cooking timer and a fan, that will allow even cooking distribution. A domed fan might be the best choice, although convection ovens with dome fans typically cost more. Also, if your tabletop convection oven is not a self-cleaning model, you'll spend more time and effort on clean up after each use. Another convenient feature to look for is a setting that allows you to keep your cooked foods warm while you wait for dinner.

If you're confused about which features to look for in a tabletop convection oven, there are books available that offer guidelines. Visit your local library or pick up an inexpensive book at a used bookstore. Additionally, you might want to purchase a few recipe books dedicated to convection oven cooking.

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@ocelot60- You also need to find out about return shipping and handling costs before you make your online purchase. Some online stores require buyers to pay for return shipping, even if there is a problem with the items they purchase. This could be quite costly on an item the size of a tabletop convection oven.

To be on the safe side, you should ask if the online store provides free return shipping in the case of problems with their products. This could save you a lot of time and money in the event of an issue.


@ocelot60- When it comes to shopping online, you need to be very cautious about the specifics of the return policy. Some online stores only accept returns on items that arrive damaged or not working. This would mean that if you decided that you don't like the tabletop convection oven once you buy it, you would not be able to return it.

The best way to avoid issues with returns when shopping online is to only shop at stores that state that they have a no hassle or no questions asked return policies.


I found a tabletop convection oven that I would to buy in an online shop. Though it has good reviews and a return policy, I am still hesitant to buy such a large item online. What else should I look for before committing to buy the oven online?

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