How do I Choose the Best Sweater Poncho?

S. McNesby

A sweater poncho is made from knitted or crocheted yarn. Sweater ponchos come in many different shapes and sizes, so picking the best sweater poncho is a matter of selecting a fit, color, and pattern that suits you best. The fabric type should also be considered. A sweater poncho made from an animal fiber like wool or alpaca will be very warm, while one made from a synthetic or cotton will be more suitable to warm weather.

Angora wool may be used to create warm garments.
Angora wool may be used to create warm garments.

Ponchos with busy prints or patterns may overwhelm those with petite figures, especially if the sweater poncho in question is a long one. If you are small in stature, look for a sweater poncho that is a solid color or one that has a small pattern for best results. Try on the poncho to be sure that the neck opening isn't too large; some styles have adjustable necks, but most do not.

A sweater poncho made of wool must be either dry cleaned or hand washed.
A sweater poncho made of wool must be either dry cleaned or hand washed.

Taller individuals can wear solids or prints, and most poncho lengths will fit well. If you are very tall, though, try the poncho on to be sure it is long enough for you. A poncho should ideally come past your elbows. If the garment is any shorter, cold winds will be able to whip right underneath the hem. Tall women could even consider shopping in the men's department for ponchos; men's garments have more length and give in the shoulder area.

Plus-sized individuals will find that ponchos are very easy to wear and suit a variety of figures. Colorful or patterned ponchos worn over a black base garment can be very slimming, but comfortable at the same time. Look for ponchos in the plus department, but try on a few standard-size ones as well; poncho fits vary depending on the cut of the fabric and the material used.

Look at the tag on the poncho to determine what type of yarn it is made from. Animal fibers like angora or wool make extremely warm garments, so a sweater poncho made from one of these fibers will be ideal for cooler climates. These types of fibers do require more care than synthetic ones, however; a sweater poncho made of wool can't be washed with the rest of the laundry, and it must be dry cleaned or hand washed.

A sweater poncho made from an acrylic or synthetic fiber will be easy to care for and less expensive than one made from natural fibers. This type of fashion poncho is usually more trendy in design, and can be laundered at home. Most synthetic fabrics hold up well and can be worn season after season, though fashion ponchos may go out of style as time passes.

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