How do I Choose the Best Supply Chain Execution Software?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette
An illustration of a supply chain.
An illustration of a supply chain.

Supply chain execution software works in conjunction with supply chain management software to expedite the time it takes to move goods from company to company as part of the supply chain. The execution software focuses primarily on the two most expensive aspects of supply chain management, which is managing the logistics and the warehouse. Choosing the best supply chain execution software requires you to assess the requirements for your business and then match the software that meets those needs.

The first aspect of the software to evaluate is its ability to track the amount of time goods stay in the warehouse. Additionally, the software helps you identify points in the supply chain to decrease this time period. The software should allow you to assess the different points in the supply chain of operations where you can shorten or alter the process to shorten the time goods sit in the warehouse.

The communication tools that are built into the supply chain execution software is another point of assessment. The software should provide the warehouse manager with the ability to communicate at different points of the supply chain electronically instead of by phone or fax. The software programs brings communication into real-time rather than with a delay. Shortening the communication period also creates a more effective supply chain — allowing you to bring your goods to the market faster.

When you find a software that meets all of your needs, one of the final evaluations to make is the cost. Consider the cost-benefit factor. While the cost of supply chain execution software can be hefty, evaluate how quickly saving time and creating a shorter and more effective supply chain will return on investment.

In order to choose the best supply chain execution software, compare the list of needs you have for your business with the features of the software. The software that provides you with all or the majority of the tools you need to create a more effective supply chain and allows you to better manage the chain is the best one for your business. The cost of the software will play a role in your decision as well.

The key is to estimate the return on investment so you can see how quickly the benefits will pay off. In essence, the more effective the supply chain execution software is, the faster you will recoup the expense of purchasing it in the first place.

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    • An illustration of a supply chain.
      By: S.John
      An illustration of a supply chain.