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How do I Choose the Best Suede Slippers?

Koren Allen
Koren Allen

Suede slippers come in a variety of styles and prices. When choosing the best pair, consider whether they will be worn indoors or outdoors, what time of year you will be wearing them, and whether or not they are washable. Of course, comfort is the main reason for purchasing house shoes, but style and price are also important. With so many brands of suede slippers to choose from, both online and at your favorite retailers, you are sure to find a pair that is just right for you.

Most varieties of suede slippers are constructed with a durable sole made of nylon, rubber, or leather. Consider whether you will just be wearing your slippers around the house, or whether they will serve double duty as your comfortable weekend shoes for running errands. If you will be wearing your suede slippers outdoors, look for a durable, weather-resistant sole with treading to keep you safe on wet or icy sidewalks. Always buy slippers in a size as close as possible to your regular shoe size. Properly fitting shoes reduce the likelihood that you will trip or slide in them.

A brush for cleaning suede slippers.
A brush for cleaning suede slippers.

Suede slippers are often lined with sheepskin, which makes them warmer than many other varieties of house shoes. Some are lined with luxurious faux fur, and others may include foam insoles for comfortable cushioning when you walk. The foam may be covered with cotton, flannel, or other fabrics designed to improve ventilation and absorb moisture. Consider your own comfort level when deciding whether to buy a warmer, bootie style or a cooler moccasin variety.

Of course, you will want to consider the durability and washability of suede slippers before you buy. Suede leather is a popular choice for footwear because of its unique combination of strength and soft style. However, it typically cannot be tossed into a washing machine like other types of slippers; always read and follow the care instructions to avoid damaging your suede slippers. Another popular option is micro-suede, a synthetic, non-animal alternative that has the look and feel of natural suede. Micro-suede can be washed, but always check the label for specific washing instructions for your slippers.

Suede slippers are available in a wide variety of styles to fit every taste and every budget. The most common types are the boot style and the moccasin style, but scuffs, loafers, and other styles can be found. Genuine suede comes in brown hues ranging from light cream to dark chocolate brown. Micro-suede may be found in bright or pastel colors, as well as the traditional suede-look browns. Suede slippers make an excellent gift, and with so many sizes and styles available, you're sure to find the perfect pair for anyone on your list.

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    • A brush for cleaning suede slippers.
      By: Africa Studio
      A brush for cleaning suede slippers.